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The Iraqi Resistance gets stronger by the day!

The Jihad and Liberation High Command spokesman:

The Iraqi Resistance gets stronger by the day!

We are heading towards the decisive year against the US occupiers.


On the occasion of the first anniversary of Jihad and Liberation High Command, under the leadership of the Mujahideen Chief Izzat Ibrahim Al Duri, a team of journalists shared the life of the Iraqi Resistance combatants to find out about their heroic deeds against the US Occupying forces.. They met the Jihad and Liberation High Command spokesman, Dr. Kanaan Amin who ascertained that the Iraqi Resistance is heading towards the decisive year, and that victory is nearing. Said Dr. Kanaan: "The Resistance gets stronger and stronger, sheltered and nourished by the Iraqi people. Al Duri, thanks to the Lord, is in a perfect health and leads the Jihad.

This really irritates the enemy and rejoices our friends."

In some place, in one of the heroic Resistance battle fields which stretches all over the patriotic soil from the very north of Iraq to its very south.. a group of journalists who cares about conveying the truth, away from Media' lies and propaganda fabricated by the US and its servile tails to blackout and conceal the Iraqi people armed rejection for its forces all along these five and half last years.. was able to travel around more than one Resistance operational sector to get a precise idea about the Iraqi glorious Resistance deeds which made useless the third of the occupying forces, as the occupiers admitted themselves.

During this visit, the group of Journalists met Dr. Kanaan, the official spokesman of the Jihad and Liberation Supreme Command (JLSC), a year old formation to represent Iraq Resisting body, and which included since its inception 22 patriotic, national and Islamic factions. Since then the (JLSC), grew to include cover 33 combating factions established as Jihad armies, divisions and brigades. These factions are the back bone of the Iraqi Resistance under the leadership of the Chief of Mujahideen Mr. Izzat Ibrahim al Duri, the deputy president of the Revolution Council Command and the deputy general Commander of the Armed Forces for decades during the patriotic Iraqi regime before the occupation, led by the great Al Hadj martyr President Saddam Hussein, may the lord have mercy on him.

Dr. Kanaan, as we knew him, is a pure Iraqi personality, mixing professionalism in communicating with the others and various operations and combat deeds. He welcomed us with a shining smile of a man who believes in the cause of his people and its fatal victory against the occupiers-invaders.. He was holding in his hands a new video cassette that he appears to have just filmed, about the graduating of the new brigades of combatants who confronts the US enemy under the banner of (JLSC). The video cassette showed us an aircraft division during combat. When we watched the video we were absolutely stunned by the high professional combative level and the quality of the weapons the combatants developed by themselves. Dr. Kanaan, immediately brought us to reality and ascertained that what we saw, is nothing but a tiny portion and a drop in an ocean. Indeed, said Dr. Kanaan, the combatants you saw, have sprout from the pure people of Iraq. They are the real builders of the genuine patriotic Iraqi Army which shall liberate Iraq and will protect the borders of its nation. Thanks God, Who gives victory to the believers, we do have hundreds of thousands of combatants belonging to every kind of combat and they are the legitimate continuation of the Second Qadissya and the eternal Mother of All Battles' armies.

We asked Dr. Kanan the following questions.

Question: The public knows little about your Command and its formations, due to the blackout, the US tries hard to impose on the Media inside and outside Iraq.. Can you tell us about you?

Dr. Kanaan: About a year ago, many of the Iraqi Resistance factions acted according a method to hunt the occupier enemy, each in its own field, targeting the US enemy convoys, forces and infantry through IEDs, snipers and attacks. These factions were working under many names and were grouped by a coordination factor imposed by the nature of the resisting action and the area. The policies of these factions were based on the global popular resistance principle and on the initiative of every resistance deed. Consequently these main factions wanted to strengthen their actions to become more effective under a unified leadership with a staff Command, and a legal committee, which organizes and leads the tactical and the combat operations on every inch of the soil of Iraq, dividing Iraq into several geographical combat sectors, each directing the battle against the US invader-occupier-enemy, directly supervised by an elected leadership. Based on this, this effort was crowned through advise, dialogue and negotiations, with the formation of the Jihad and Liberation Supreme Command, which included, to start with 22 Jihadi patriotic and Islamic factions and where the chief of Mujahideen Mr. Izzat al Duri was unanimously elected as the supreme Commander of the Jihad and Liberation, because these factions believed deeply in his combat and Jihad legitimacy in Iraq's leadership and its Resistance and as a continuation of his blessed precessor the Martyr of the great Hajj, leader Saddam Hussein, may the Lord Have mercy upon his soul. Later on our formation grew wider last year to include 11 more of heroic combatants.

Question: Can you tell us about the first and the new factions which joined the High Command?

Dr. Kanaan: The Jihadi factions which joined the Supreme Command from its very inception beginning September 2007 are:

1- The Army of the Naqshabandi's Order.

2- The Army of the Prophet's companions.

3 - The Army of Murabiteen.

4 - Al Hamza Army.

5 - The RisalahArmy

6 - Ibn al Waleed' Army

7 - The Mujahedeen Unified Leadership (Iraq)

8- The Liberation Brigades.

9 - Al Farooq Army.

10 - The Army of the Liberation of Iraq.

11 - The Martyrs' Brigades.

12 - The Army of the Persevering.

13 - The Brigades of Jihad on the Soil of Mesopotamia.

14 - The Army of the Knight to liberate the autonomous region.

15 - The Jihad Brigades in Basra.

16 - The Falluja Jihadi Brigades.

17 - The Patriotic Popular Front for the Liberation of Iraq

18 - The Hussein Al Taff Brigades.

19 - The Liberation of the South Brigades.

20 - The Army of Henein.

21 - The Diyala Jihad and Liberation Brigades.

22 - The Brigades of Glory for the Liberation of Iraq.

This is how 22 patriotic, national and Islamic Resistance factions were formed based on a long term, global Jihad plan of action to destroy the invader occupier US enemy, to liberate the homeland from every kind of control, hegemony, exploitation and blackmail.

During the (JLSC)' first year, 11 Jihadi factions joined its ranks and now the High Command includes 33 factions of hard core combatants known for their chivalry, their love for their homeland, their resolve and their faith in their sacrosanct values. Besides, there are many other factions which have asked to join in and which will publicize later on after achieving the necessary requirements. The factions which joined the Command during the first year of its inception are the following:

1 - The Army of the Believers.

2 - The Army of May Revolutionaries.

3 - The Brigades of the Mountain Mast.

4 - The Army of the Al Mu'tazz Billah (Proud with the Lord)

5 - The Army of the Ten Messengers

6 - The Army of the Martyr 'Abir (Abir is an Iraqi child ferociously raped and killed with all the members of her family by a gang of US democratic army. The US criminals were tried in a monkey court and were sent o jail for few days only. This is the US, the land of law, democracy, order and institutions.. - (a translator's note)

7 - The Army of Al Harith.

8 - The Army of Al Muthanna.

9 - The Army of Bilal the Kushite (Bilal an Ethiopian was the first Christian convert to Islam and the first muezzin ever known for his sweet voice -(a translator's note)

10 - The Army of Those Clad with Glory.

11 - The Army of the Invincible.

Question: We are told that your formation has rather an Islamic and a secular Baathist character.. How is it possible to mix these contradictory doctrines?

Dr. Kanaan: Before answering your question, I would like to precise something very important.. There is no doctrinal contradictions in amongst all the factions which act under the banner of Jihad and Liberation Supreme Command. Yes! There are some factions with national, patriotic or Islamic characteristics but all believe deeply in the Islam principles and believe that the duty of liberating the homeland is an honor for every Iraqi whatever is his community, ethny or belonging. It is an important point that should be made clear for every one. Hence, I am telling you that the genuine Islamic faith characteristic doesn't contradict at all with the Baath national, patriotic or Islamic language. The mixture has absolutely no contradictory elements. It is rather a harmonious component which represent the Iraqi people from its extreme north to its extreme south.. for the factions include the sons and daughters of Iraq, be Arabs, Kurds, Shia, Sunnis, Muslims or Christians.. This is the fabric of Iraq as it always has been.. and which incarnates all the colors of the prism of Iraq. We consider that these factions with their deed, their word and speech, all express the will of our Iraqi people from Zakho to Basra and from Khaniqin to Rutba.

Question: All liberation movements all over the world, and throughout the human history, were backed, supported and helped by local, regional and international parties materially, and morally in a way or in an other.. You, who backs you,?

Dr. Kanaan: Our national heroic Resistance is unique in history! Indeed! Our Resistance is the only Resistance in the world which has no an international or a regional support, either material or moral, rather the Iraqi heroic Resistance is being fought by almost every body except some honorable people from our Arab homeland. As you said, all the Resistance' movements in the world were helped except this honorable Iraqi Resistance whom the Lord gave us as a gift. But let me tell you! Thanks God, the Iraqi Resistance is a hundred per cent Iraqi, i.e., it is Iraqi by its combat and is Iraqi by its funding. The Jihadi factions fund themselves by themselves relying on the great arms and ammunitions' stocks provided by the patriotic Iraqi State before the occupation, and which are now within the hands of our hero Mujahideen and enable us to fighting the enemy for ever.. and to inflicting the US invaders formidable losses. Allow me here to ascertain that the Iraqi people is the only nourishing breast of its patriotic heroic Resistance and its only financial backer, and the Iraqi Resistance is, as the Supreme Commander for Jihad and Liberation once said, is Iraqi bred and is Iraqi funded. That is why, our Resistance is blessed by the Lord.

Question: You said some days ago, that you are negotiating with other Resistance parties and formations. Can you tell us about the nature of these talks, heir aims? Have you reached any conclusions or results?

Dr. Kanaan: Since the inception of the Supreme Command a year ago, and which included 22 fundamental Jihadi factions within the patriotic, national and Islamic Resistance, you can find every community and groups of the great Iraqi people, be Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Muslims, Christians, Shia and Sunnis. These factions have made known their Combat Jihadi program and ascertained their readiness to talk with every Jihadi faction in the field and with every militant forces which reject the Occupation to expel the invaders and liberate the homeland on a positive and open minded fraternal and sincere spirit basis to achieve the will of the Iraqi to liberate our country from the Occupiers and their servile puppets.

Since then, we intensified our efforts to unify the ranks with all the factions, and all the combat Fronts individually and as groups. These negotiations aim at fastening the victory and expelling the Occupier.. What we want is the unity of the combating forces, this unity which irritates the Occupier and terrifies him and rejoices the heart of every honorable and pure patriot.

We, in the Jihad and Liberation' Supreme Command, we are aware, that these negotiations should serve our Faith, and the Homeland and must satisfy the will of the Iraqis. Thanks God, there is a real awareness of the Jihadi combating factions which are fighting the US enemy for a unified Jihadi action. We hope that these negotiations will be, soon, crowned with success for the benefits of all Iraqis, Arabs and Muslims.

Question: We hear from time to time that there are negotiations between the Resistance factions and the US, some are direct, and others are through mediators. Is that true? I these were leaks why don't you answer either by confirming or denying this news?

Dr. Kanaan: The High Command for Jihad and Liberation has made it clear since its first fundamental Congress its commitment to the sacrosanct inalterable conditions which are the only basis for any negotiations with the enemy. These conditions are the rights of Iraq and Iraqis. No body, absolutely, no one can desist from the right of Iraq and of Iraqis.. There will be absolutely no negotiation with the occupier-enemy unless he recognizes the patriotic Resistance with all its patriotic, national and Islamic factions and with all its armed and unarmed formations as the only and sole representative of Iraq and of its generous people. Also, the US enemy should declare officially and publicly that he is withdrawing from Iraq without any condition or restrictions either through an immediate withdrawal or through a timed plan, his commitments to compensate Iraq, for all our homeland endured materially and morally and cancel every laws and bills produced after the Occupation, liberate all the detainees, the political prisoners, and stop raiding homes, killing the innocent; destroying and displacing people by force, and must re establish the patriotic Iraqi army and the security services according to their laws and organization plus other conditions published by the Fundamental Congress en rapport to the rights of Iraq and of Iraqis.

We ascertain that these conditions are inalterable and we do comprehend that the loathed enemy, known for his wickedness and ruse, tries with every mean to prevail on the heroic patriotic Resistance, deform its reputation through such leaks and lies… Considerer! This patriotic heroic Resistance was able with its terrible blows to break the enemy backbone and wreck its occupational project.

For this reason, we are aware that any negotiation with the Occupier, before time will serve him and his stooges. These Media leaks are one of the US traps that lured some short vision and blind people. I seize this occasion to confirm that the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation has not neogitated and will never undertake any negotiations with the occupier-enemy unless according to the declared conditions and shall not utter an iota to change these conditions. The will of the Iraqis and their Jihadi and patriotic factions are able to make the enemy kneel and answer their patriotic requirements and has achieved a long way to attain this objective, and what is remaining is the decisive phase which is looming by the will of the Lord.

Question: Is your Media efforts equal and goes hand in hand with the military operations against the Occupier, and as you know the information is fifty per cent of the battle?

Dr. Kanaan: Let me tell you frankly that the Media blockade endured by the patriotic, national, and Islamic Resistance represented by our Jihadi Leadership (JLSC) is huge. Our enemy has mobilized all his capabilities, his propaganda' tools and lies' trumpets. He tries with all his propaganda tools to deform the beautiful face of our heroic patriotic Resistance. Nevertheless, and despite all this, we were able thanks God, to breach this wall with our own means and initiatives. In any case you know that reaching the Media tools, now, and specially the audiovisual, is not at all an easy task for the enemy controls with his formidable capabilities and material means all these TV channels etc.

I do agree with you, that our Media efforts don't converge with our combat operations in the field which the occupier enemy knows pretty well before our friends. Indeed! The military results after more than five years of heroic operations against the occupation forces are now well known for every one and we can sum them with the failure of the US project in Iraq, where thousands of the enemy personnel were killed, maimed and, and where thousands of his military equipment were destroyed, through combat operations such as snipers, IEDs, rockets' attacks and military confrontation.

Unfortunately this military effort was not publicized enough due to the US' control over the Media sites. as I said! Despite all this we didn't neglect this in our military operations against the enemy. As you have witnessed, our Jihad factions record all their combat operations through films and written documents on CDs we distribute inside Iraq. Some times we do succeed into showing some of our combat operations in one or two satellite's channels in amongst the hundreds that exist. From the very beginning, we, in the Jihad and Liberation Supreme Command we have granted the Media a great importance and we have established a Media committee in charge of documenting all the Jihadi operations. So far, we have issued two publications on our Jihadi operations with CDs showing some distinguished and outstanding combat activities against the US Occupier and we are about to publish another one which shows the latest' Mujahideen operations against the US occupier.

Question: The US Media claims from time to time and through its Arabic speaking channels, local and regional, many lies and calumnies regarding the person of Mr. Izzat Al Duri, announcing times and again his death. What do you say about that?

Dr. Kanaan: The Chief of the Mujahideen Izzat Al Duri is in a very good health and enjoys the highest moral because of his faith and his combat ability to confront the loathed US Occupier. This indeed rejoices every believer in God and irritates every infidel, puppets and homeland' traitor. The Resistance on every inch of the soil of Iraq, has made the US occupier and his stooges, go berserk and loose their mind. Despite these plots, lies and conspiracies, Izzat al Duri stayed steadfast, resolved and unflinching.

Our Leader is amongst his brother combatants on every honorable combat arena that he plans, commands and leads daily. His latest audio message was a slap in the face of those wicked who hate Iraq and a shock for the enemy who despite his might, was not able to prevent the voice of the truth from reaching the hearts and minds of the believers Mujahideen.

Question: Your leadership started to document its combat operations against the US occupying forces through many CDs. This is a good thing! It is however, very difficult for the public to see any of these. So tell us how can we get these CDs?

Dr. Kanaan: As explained previously, the Information Committee in the Jihad and Liberation' Supreme Command has set a Media plan to document every Jihadi combat operation and those of the factions which work with us. Yes, there are different approaches in between these factions concerning this question. Take for example the Information Committee of the Naqshabandi Order. They prints tens of thousands of CDs which show their operations against the US occupier and distribute them to every Jihadi factions and to the public inside Iraq and sometimes outside the country. This is also the case of the Murabiteen's Army, the Companions' Army, and the Brigades of Glory. We also about to publish these operations on the (JLSC)' Internet site and those of the Armies, the factions and the Brigades which work with us, our site is visited by hundreds of thousands of people, and you can take a look yourself on these Jihadi sites and specially the High Command's and the Naqshabandi' order's, the Murabiteen's or the Companions'.

Question: What we have seen didn't actually quench our curiosity.. for we were not allowed to use our cameras.. We do understand the security conditions and the ferocious US occupier behavior.. Are you going to invite us again?

Dr. Kanaan: In fact we do care about our Mujahideen combatants' security and about your security too. As you know the wicked US occupier tries his best to reach them, mobilizing for the purpose many traitors who sold their souls and honor with a handful of dollars. For this reason we took strict security decisions to wreck these US enemy attempts against our Jihad factions. We realize, that taking photos is a necessity in our fight against this loathed US occupier. We promise to provide you with the photos of your visit, after the liberation of Iraq, God willing, which is very soon, and that your brothers Mujahideen filmed with their own cameras. They did record the operations against the US occupiers you witnessed with your eyes proper, and we will be delighted to welcome you again and whenever you like in the near future.

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