Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mujahideen Army Release

New Release from the Mujahideen Army:

In Response to Demands for Archive

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Denounce All Aggression Against Arab Syria

Denounce All Aggression Against Arab Syria
Credit: Malik Abu Bakr, Omar al-Hakim and the Unity, Freedom, Socialism Blog.

The Baath Arab Socialist Party, the Patriotic, National and Islamic Front for the Liberation of Iraq, the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation and all parties and groupings and armies within have condemned the brutal, savage, cowardly and heinous aggression against Arab Syria in a US air raid which killed 8 and perhaps wounded more.

This proves the US-Zionist plot to use Iraq as a base for expanding the assault on Arabism. All support must be given to Syria and all Arab countries resisting US-Zionist aggression. As the Zionists struggle after a defeat in Lebanon and a new upsurge in resistance in Palestine; the US-Zionist alliance is now trying a last effort to turn Iraq into an Imperialist staging ground for assaulting Arabism.

The US-Zionists when pushed from Iraq must then be pushed from Palestine and Lebanon forever so that they may never spill the blood of our Arab brothers ever again.

The decisive hour is nearing and the dawn of liberation and independence is shining!

In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

The decisive hour is nearing and the dawn of liberation and independence is shining!

Our Mujahid people!

The formidable deeds of the Mujahid Iraqi Resistance against the US occupation from its very first day and until today, are the unshakable foundation to expose and unmask the plans and the objectives of the US-Zionist-pagan Persian alliance and to wreck their projects. The continuous and unabated Jihadi operations of the heroic Resistance were the key to abort these plans and kill them in their eggs.. so was its ability to divulge and wreck the CIA created "political process", a US occupiers' servile tool to put into practice their wicked plans..These glorious deeds of the Resistance led to dismantle and to disperse the sectarian and ethnic political entities of this 'political process' isolating it from their popular basis which led to an in fight between these tottering entities and even in between the same entity. We can witness the squabbling and the infighting between many puppet parties and the rejection of the (Kordistani Alliance Parties) as an oppressive entity which persecute our Kurdish people sons and daughters.

The US' occupiers profited from this miserable state of affairs to create one crisis after the other in order to piece and dismember Iraq such as (Kirkuk' crisis), Khaniqin's and (the districts councils elections crisis) and many more!

The Occupiers and their stooges wanted these crisis to be a tragic game to divert the Iraqi people attention from lacking the human basic conditions such as electricity, water, and fuel.. The Iraqi people, under the US occupiers has become a prey for diseases like Cholera which struck many numbers of Iraqi citizens due to the water' pollution and the impotency of the inept lazy puppet government which is behind all these disasters, incapable of providing the bare human conditions for the citizens.. Rather! this government is mired to the neck in the management and financial corrupt practices, looting Iraq oil wealth and its state' money, this government, helped by the occupiers and obeying their orders, undertook the most horrendous massacres and genocide unprecedented in history, against the dignified Iraqi people.

Our well aware people sons and daughters!

In these hard circumstances created by the debased occupiers and by their servile tails, criminal Bush administration tries to cover up its resounding defeat in Iraq and camouflage its killer failure through Criminal Bush declaring the withdrawal of some of his forces based to what he calls' the fragile security improvement', while Gates' declares, in his latest visit to Iraq the day before replacing Petraeus with Odierno as the new Commander of the US occupation forces in Iraq.. "the end game and the end of his war against Iraq" in order to concentrate on "Afghanistan war". This is a blatant recognition of defeat and failure thanks to the deeds of the heroic Resistance, which are forcing them to withdraw and leave Iraq.

Following these declarations, feverish US attempts to sign the servility or (SOFA) agreement were made public, plus the lies about the supposed differences between the puppet government and its US master, in order to polish the stooge Maliki hideous face and its puppet government, to desperately preempt the declaration of the resounding defeat before the end of criminal Bush days after November US' elections.

Our intrepid people!

Our great Arab nation sons and daughters!

The ever growing and intensifying Jihadi operations of your heroic Resistance and your ranking behind it, have terrified the occupiers and their stooges despite all the Media lies and blackout. Yes! Indeed! Every body in the world can see and hear and specially our heroic people all over Iraq, which witnesses with its eyes proper, these heroic deeds against the occupiers.. This is the sign of the nearing decisive hour to expel the bloodthirsty US thugs-occupiers and their small tails.. who many, started to pack their luggage and to leave to where they came from after dirtying their already filthy looter and adulterous hands slaughtering the Iraqi people and destroying its State and returning it centuries backward..Yes! They pretty know that the decisive hour is nearing with no doubt and the people just punishment will pursue them wherever they go, that the dawn of the liberation and the decisive victory is shining and the complete independence of Iraq is about to be achieved under a democratic plural, popular government which will build the free and independent reborn Iraq on the march of renaissance, development, civilization, patriotic, national and human development.

Long live the heroic Iraqi Resistance!

Long live Iraq, one, and strong!

Death to the Occupiers and their ignominious stooges!

Mercy and glory to our martyrs in the highest!

Iraq Leadership

Iraq Culture and Information Bureau

The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,

Iraq, Baghdad, on the 25 October 2008

In triumphant Baghdad by the will of the Lord.

translated by Abu Assur.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Conference Asks: Which Way to Peace in Iraq?

Conference Asks: Which Way to Peace in Iraq?

Full credit to,

Newark, New Jersey USA

A program titled "Which Way to Peace in Iraq?" was presented in Newark, NJ on October 18, 2008. The program looked at two possible answers: the victory of the occupation or the victory of the Iraqi national resistance. The significance of the impending presidential election was also discussed.

All speakers agreed that the struggle of the Iraqi people through their national resistance is the main force to end the war and the occupation. The struggle of the people in the United States to end the war and the occupation is also necessary.

Many topics were presented in the speakers' program. In order to show the need for more people's education about the war copies of a blank map of the Middle East were passed out. Participants were asked to find Iraq, and to name other countries on the map. Few could name more than one or two countries. The audience got the point that much more education is needed to help people understand the war.

War was characterized as politics with bloodshed. Iraq has oil, something that Bush wants. The invasion of Iraq was just the way US politics usually operates but this time with bloodshed. It was schoolyard bully tactics at an international level. The solution to the aggression is the struggle of the Iraqi people to end the occupation, just as the answer to racist oppression in the United States is the people's struggle.

Another speaker said the war began not in 2003 but in 1991. It started because Iraq was a country that had taken control of its own destiny. It had a government that was accepted by the people as legitimate. The Iraqi Revolution of 1958 ended British domination of the country and established political independence. In 1972 Iraq nationalized its own oil. That established economic independence and full sovereignty. Imperialism attacked Iraq to destroy its sovereignty and return control to the oil companies that were there in 1972.

He said the occupation needs a puppet government to run Iraq. The US cannot leave 150,000 soldiers there indefinitely. The puppet only governs the Green Zone, a few square miles in Baghdad. It is only a patchwork of sectarian and ethnic parties.

They are in constant rivalry with each other. They cannot agree on sharing the country's oil wealth. They cannot agree on who gets what territory. They cannot restore the economy. Over a million Iraqis are dead because of the occupation. Many millions more have been driven from their homes. Bush is not on the path to victory as he claims. There is no way he can get there.

A speaker said the Iraqi resistance is in good shape. More than forty groups have joined behind the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation. Two other important liberation fronts are in communication with it. They all coordinate their operations. The Iraqi resistance is not responsible for atrocities against civilians. Sectarian groups and occupation agents are responsible instead. Al Qaeda does not play a large part. It is sectarian and has harmed the resistance.

Military attacks on the occupation remain at a high level. However, it is the puppet armed forces that take the brunt. US armed forces have mostly stayed out of combat, which is the real reason US casualties are lower.

A speaker said the outcome of the election will not determine whether or not the war ends soon. What will determine the end of the war is first, the resistance of the people in Iraq, and second the resistance of the people in the United States.

There are a number of third parties running candidates on excellent platforms. They have been shut out of the presidential debates, which are run by representatives of the Republicans and Democrats. Since the end of World War II the United States has moved in a very deliberate way to shut out third parties.

Nonetheless the majority of voters are non-affiliated. Only a few new people check a party affiliation. He asked the question of who speaks for these voters.

He said it is clear that McCain would not just be a continuation of Bush foreign policy, he would be worse. He would escalate the war in Afghanistan and is willing to attack Iran.

Obama is a more interesting candidate because he would likely be more subject to public pressure. He opposed the war in the past but he has also voted for bills that would fund the war three and four fiscal years into the future. He says he wants to end the war in Iraq but is willing to send troops into Pakistan and escalate the number of troops in Afghanistan.

The speaker predicted an overwhelming turnout on Nov. 4 and said he thinks Obama will win. He asked the question of what we have to do after Nov. 4. To the applause of the mostly African-American audience, he said that we will treat Obama just like any other president.

As soon as possible we must have a large demonstration against the occupations, against escalation in Afghanistan, in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan, and against any war with Iran.

We must also move to implement resolutions of previous antiwar conferences. He said he found in heartbreaking and gut-wrenching that Bush and Cheney would be allowed to walk away from the crimes they have committed. He said that they should be not only be impeached but they should be prosecuted for their crimes. He said people should call members of the New Jersey Congressional delegation and demand they co-sponsor the 35 articles of impeachment introduced by Congressman Dennis Kucinic. What do we do with criminals, he asked: we put them in jail.

Because of time limitations workshop discussions had to be cut short. Each of the presenters gave a brief account of their topics to the body. These were: "Imperialism and the Middle East;" "The Significance of Iraq in the World Struggle Against Imperialism;" "Violence in Iraq and Violence in Our Streets;" and, "The Status of Forces Agreement and the Real US Intentions in Iraq.'

It was said that at this time the Iraqi resistance is the force that has done the most to oppose and destroy the main enemy of the people of the world, imperialism. It has done more than any other force to defeat the Bush regime. The antiwar movement must uphold and support the Iraqi resistance.

When the audience at last got its chance at participation its enthusiasm for struggle burst out. It turned into a working session on how to advance the struggle to end the war. Several participants said they had never before been to a conference that fully supported the Iraqi resistance. It was asked what could be done to raise the issue elsewhere.

A program of seven resolutions to lay out future work was adopted by acclamation. The resolutions are:

Whereas the US occupation of Iraq is unjust and its continuation harmful to the vast majority of people in all countries; therefore be it resolved that the body demands:

1. The occupation of Iraq must be ended immediately and all occupation troops be brought home.

2. Today's activity recognizes previous and ongoing activities of the people toward these ends and is a continuation of them.

3. The United States must commit to completely and unconditionally withdraw from Iraq, and open discussions with leaders of the Iraqi national resistance to arrange the timetable and logistics of its withdrawal.

4. That there be no expansion of aggression in new wars; moreover the body commits to efforts to build people's opposition to new and expanded wars.

5. We will organize a large demonstration to demand the immediate end of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; rigorous respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan; and that there be no aggression against Iran.

6. All members of the NJ Congressional delegation must sign on to the 35 articles of impeachment introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinic.

7. George W. Bush and other members of his administration must be prosecuted for the crimes of aggressive war and other crimes against humanity that they have committed.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Statement from the Ba'ath concerning sectarianism against Christians.

In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

A statement concerning our people' sons and daughters from amongst the Christians who are being chased from their homes in Mosul

Our persevering people!

The US occupiers, their allies and their created tools plan to destroy Iraq as a people, as a land and as a civilization. Having ferociously attacked its state, raped its soil, declaring their ill famed decisions such as (uprooting the Baath), disbanding the heroic Iraqi army, they want now to destroy the social fabric of the Iraqi people through their evil plan.

Hence, the US occupier undertook mass murder and genocide against the Iraqi people, exciting sectarian and ethnic strife, fomenting and encouraging even the inter killing in between the same community as it happened in Basra, Mayssan, Baghdad, Al Anbar, Nineveh and other districts of Iraq..This dirty job was handed to the Occupiers' puppets belonging to the stooges' political parties (Shia and Sunni) and the two collaborators Kurdish Parties (the Democratic Kurdistani and the Nationalistic Kurdistani parties). Today these same filthy tools target Christians from the sons and daughters of our people in the city of Mosul through criminal mass murder, forcing thousands of Christian families to flee their homes and chasing them away outside the city of Mosul.

No doubt! All this, come as a result of the suspicious plan imposed by those participants in the political process, i.e.the stooges and the traitors who are behind sectarian, ethnic, and religious civil strives conducting even artificial internal wars which led, added to the victims of the occupiers' crimes, to more than one and half million Iraqis death, in the name of the (democracy) of the US' murder and slaughter and in the name of the monstrous (constitution) used to legitimize the ethnic and sectarian piecing and division.. tearing down even further, the strong, united, and plural social fabric of the Iraqi people.. They invented sectarian, racist and ethnic bizarre and strange names and terms such as ( the sectarian and minorities' components) while exchanging debased insults in between themselves in the comical meetings of their so called (parliament) concerning the ethnic and sectarian allotment they created inventing hilarious vocabularies such (the big components and the smaller minorities), establishing one time articles and paragraphs in their monstrous (constitution) and their shaky legislation and at the other, refuting them to fit the US-Zion- pagan Safawide plan to piece and dismember Iraq, denying any citizenship' right for any Iraqi, these rights consecrated by the Baath' Revolution in Iraq throughout thirty five years, as a sacrosanct value, giving every Iraqi an equal opportunities to live with dignity, freedom, and work regardless of his/her ethnic, religious and sects' backgrounds.

Our well aware people' sons and daughters..

The occupation of Iraq, the destruction of its state and the ill famed null and void resolutions and laws mentioned above, were the key they wanted to piece and dismember Iraq, disperse and chase in every directions all its sons and daughters.. hence we witnessed the killing according to ethnic, religious, national or patriotic identity and displacing people by force.. This led to no less than one and half million Iraqi martyrs and victims.. and to more than four million displaced Iraqis, add to them those many millions who are jobless and are deprived from getting their salaries and their right to live in dignity with the very minimum services and the simplest human rights..

The puppet sectarian parties, be Sunni or Shia the likes of the (high council for the Dawa Party - the Islamic Party) and the stooge Kurdi Parties, exchanged roles and suspicious deals to piece and fracture Iraq under the auspices of the US occupiers who try their best to lure the Iraqi people with their hollow talk about (reconstruction and investment) and encouraging at the same time the so called (federations of their (Kurdistan) in exchange of the (Central and southern) regions.

This is why the puppets Talabani and Barazani are roaming about and rambling over to amputate Kirkuk, Khaniqin, Jalawla, many other cities and wide regions of Nineveh from Iraq united body, entrusting to the Assayish and the Peshmergah Mukhabarat = the secret and torture Kurdish services ) belonging to the US' stooges Kurdish parties, to harm the sons and daughters from amongst our Christian people in Mosul through murder,ethnic cleansing, and displacement by force to empty the town from its sons and daughters in order to kurdisize some of its areas in order to piece and dismember all Iraq.

Our struggling people' sons and daughters!

Our glorious Arab Nation!

Freedom loving people all over the world!

Our dignified people, and its heroic Resistance with all its factions and every Baath militants and patriotic, national and Islamic forces which reject the Occupation, while utterly condemning the mass murder and the displacement of the sons and daughters from our Christian people in Mosul, they fiercely resist in order to bury this evil loggerhead.. We shall continue with unflinching resolve on the road of Jihad to abort the plan to piece and dismember Iraq and disperse its people through intensifying the heroic Resistance against the US occupiers and against their collaborators until the clear cut liberation and victory and the utter integral and complete independence to build one, free, plural and independent Iraq. The collaborators will get their just punishment for their horrendous crimes against our Mujahid Iraqi people.

God is the Greatest!

Victory for the hero Iraqi people!

God is the Greatest, and debased be the abased!

Long live the heroic Iraqi Resistance!

Let the US' Occupiers and their stooges be engulfed into Gahanna with the human kind' curses for ever and ever!

Glory and eternity for the mission of our Nation.

Iraq Leadership

Iraq Culture and Information Bureau

The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,

Iraq, Baghdad, on the 22 October 2008

In triumphant Baghdad by the will of the Lord.

*credit to Abu Assur for translation.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Video from the Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Video Up-links of Mortar Attacks:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Internal Enemies Must be Dealt With

Internal Enemies Must be Dealt With
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

At this point, victory is nearly at-hand and a new dawn awaits as the sun shifts and begins to rise. The defeat of the United States and the Coalition of tyranny has been assured by the Resistance of the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation led by President Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri. The US and Western economies are collapsing and they must retreat home to calm the storms at home. With this comes an opportunity in Arabia that cannot be passed up. With the United States retreating from Arabia and the Zionists weakened and cowering due to this, it is left only with Iran and Arabia. Iran's aims for forceful unification of Iraq and other areas of Arabia cannot be allowed to occur.

When Iran expressed these aims in the 1970s, it led to the Second Battle of Qadisiyyat. Behind the glorious defense of the Arab motherland, lied a darker fact that traitorous regimes like the royal families of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait were using this, biding their time until the front was safe, to make their attacks on Iraq and their Arab brothers. As Iraq stands on the frontlines again against Iranian Imperialism, the same still occurs. When the new Iraqi Revolution liberates Baghdad, there are many traitors who will stand in opposition; fearing the end of their regional hegemony over parts of Arabia and the prospect of full Arab and Socialist revolution, liberation and unification.

The grounds must be laid for the total liberation of the Arab homeland. Whatever alliances are necessary should take-place and the Arab Revolution must spread into the Arabian Peninsula, throughout the Mashriq, the Maghrib and onward. It would be unwise for any Arab Nationalist to take the Arab regimes which now refuse to back and stand-by their brothers in Iraq as allies or even a neutral party. There are many who must go for the Arab Revolution to fulfill its mission.

Iran's Imperialist aims are dangerous and the victory of Iran would mean the destruction of the Arab homeland; but it is the treason of many cowards who sit in their luxurious palaces which allows Iran to move closer. Iran is a dangerous enemy to the Arab homeland, but the danger represented by them is external, and never as dangerous as the fifth columns amongst ourselves.

There are many supposed supporters of Arabism who wish to call all Arab regimes friends and only the Iranians, Zionists and US as enemies. This overlooks those who work against the Arab Revolution from within and cannot continue. The priority at this time when Iran and the United States is being pushed from Arabia must be dealing with internal enemies and once they are gone, then external enemies can be defeated.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Video from the Army of the Chosen

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

Video from the Army of the Chosen-

Upload links:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two New Video Releases

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

This one is from the Army of the Patient:

And this one is from the General Command of the Armed Forces:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video Release from the Army of the People of the Ribat

Army of the People of the Ribat

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Video from Squadrons of the Martyrs

Squadrons of the Martyrs

Video release from the Squadrons of the Martyrs

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Written Response to the Naysayyers and Those Who Doubt the Iraqi Resistance

A Written Response to the Naysayyers and Those Who Doubt the Iraqi Resistance
Credit by: Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

In the Name of Allah, the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful;

There are those who doubt that the Iraqi Resistance is truly gaining ground, they spread lies and rumours and willingly or unwillingly serve as propaganda agents of the Iranian thieves and occupiers. It is necessary to address these rumours by countering them. There are 3 primary arguments raised as to subvert the real news of Resistance victory. The first is to negate the Resistance entirely, by saying that Iran is popular in Iraq and that they are the real force which people turn to (especially in the South). The second is to shift the Resistance onto other forces, this lie encourages the belief that other forces, especially the Political Council for the Iraqi Resistance or the Islamic State of Iraq are the primary forces of Resistance and not the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation. The third is to limit the success of the Resistance by saying that the Resistance is limited to central Iraq only, and their popularity does not extend to all of Iraq.

The first argument bases itself on the idea that Iraqi Shia do not support and did not support President Saddam Hussein and the government of the Ba'ath. This lie is a real lie, it ignores the fact that the majority of the Iraqi Army under Saddam was Shia and that the majority of the Resistance, being made up often of people formerly in the military, is Shia. The Squadrons of the Liberation of the South, Squadrons of the Revolution of al-Husayn, the Brigades of Hassan al-Askari and many other Resistance groups are predominately Shia and centred in the South. The fact that the Squadrons for the Jihad in Basra and other groups have carved out liberated swathes across Iraq and especially in Basra, are ignored for taking the vocal minority of Muqtada al-Sadr as the majority. There is no doubt that Iran is in Southern Iraq dictating affairs, but this does not make them popular, it makes them an occupier, and an occupier being defeated and pushed out of Iraq again.

The second argument rests on the rumour that all Resistance can be attributed to "al-Qaeda" or to the Islamic Army. There is no doubt that much of the resistance did come from the Islamic State of Iraq, however, with this came sectarian moves. The Islamic State of Iraq declared war on Iraqi Shia and Christians and so began a campaign against civilians and non-combatants; today the Islamic State is unpopular and they have lost their hold over areas they formerly held. Sections of the Ba'ath have done self-criticism on some tactical alliances and co-operation with the Islamic State and split from them (especially the Jaish al-Mustafa, who carried joint-attacks with the ISI at one point). Their sectarianism has left them despised and many former resistance groupings have devoted a large portion of their armies to fighting the Islamic State. The Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance, led by the Islamic Army of Iraq, became very known in early stages of the Resistance for the videos of the Sniper named Juba (who turned out to be a myth, created collectively by the Islamic Army's sniper brigade). The Islamic Army and the PCIR however, have seen their popularity fade since agreeing to help with the Quisling government and serve as the 'Sunni militia' fighting Resistance groupings. Half of the Islamic Army's armed forces, including nearly the entire sniping brigade, went over to the Supreme Command; in addition to members of Hamas-Iraq and JAMI. Finally, the Jaish al-Mujahideen and Jaish al-Fatiheen have both split from the PCIR, taking 1/3 of the remaining PCIR with them, and joining the true Resistance. It is common estimation that over two-thirds of the former Political Council is now within the Supreme Command. In addition, careful evidence from their videos shows that many of the so-called attacks of the PCIR are recycled videos from over two years ago. There is no doubt that the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation is the largest and most capable Resistance grouping today.

The third argument stands on the fact that most Resistance attacks against the occupation, occur in the central areas, in the provinces of al-Anbar, Salah ah-Din, Diyala and Baghdad. This is a fact, but it ignores the reasons. The reasons are that the majority of the US occupation forces are in these areas of the country. "Camp Victory" the primary American logistic and overall base, is in Baghdad, as is the US 3rd and 4th Infantry Divisions which comprise the 'Multi-National Division Baghdad' and 'Multi-National Division Centre'. The 'Multi-National Division North' which is mainly the US 1st Armoured Division, is stationed and based in Salah ah-Din governate. The 'Multi-National Force West' which is primarily the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is based in al-Anbar governate. Hence, with the 4 primary 'Multi-National Divisions' centred in and occupying these provinces, is it any shock that the Resistance aims most of its attacks there? The Most Noble Qur'an states: "And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out" (Surat al-Baqarah; 191) And the occupier has been found and is being turned out of these provinces they most occupy. Much of the rest of the country and even much of these provinces, are Resistance-controlled. The military parade of Jaish al-Mustafa celebrating their control over Mosul was ignored by the Western media; as is the fact that most areas outside of the primary US bases in several major cities are governed by the Supreme Command.

We hope this will dispell the rumours and myths that the Resistance is dying, dead or not under the Command of the Supreme Commander and President Izzat Ibrahim ad-Douri.

We salute the entire Resistance, the Ba'ath Party, the 27 armed groupings of the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation, the General Command of the Armed Forces and we say Allah hears the one who praises Him. Allah grants victory to the believers and so the believers are called to march until complete victory.

Two Attacks of the Iraqi Resistance

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

Sorry for not having more uploaded links up, I will try to get to uploading them on more sites soon, however, with articles and further attacks coming in by the minute, it is a difficult task and any help is welcomed.

The first by the Squadrons for Glory for the Liberation of Iraq:

The second by the Army of Ibn al-Walid:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 New Videos from the Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

A little over a week ago, on the anniversary of the founding of the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation, the statement was made that the Supreme Command would look to moving into the third-stage of warfare, a conventional assault on the Quisling government occupying Baghdad. In preparation for this move, work is being made to expand the liberated base-areas. It is only my assumption that these 4 videos will be but the first in a long-line of attacks, designed to devastate the occupation and traitor forces, liberate more areas and provide a push towards the third and final stage of liberation.

Video #1:Mortar Attack

Video #2: Larger Mortar Attack

Video #3: Explosive

Video #4: Launching a Rocket

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Supreme Command new video release

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Censored News Stories Highlighted by Academic Research Group

By Peter Phillips

Media Accountability Day, October 1, is the annual release of the news stories that were not covered by the corporate-mainstream media in the US. The list, just announced by Project Censored at Sonoma State University in California, includes the twenty-five most important uncovered news stories of the year selected by over 200 academics.

Stories about the Iraq occupation lead the list. Unreported in the US corporate media is how over one million Iraqis have met violent deaths resulting from the 2003 US led invasion. According to a study conducted by the British polling group Opinion Research Business the human toll exceeded 900,000 as of August 2007. In addition, a United Nations Refugee Agency study found that five million Iraqis had been displaced by violence in their country.

Also ignored by mainstream media was the report of how three hundred Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans came forward in March of 2008 to recount the brutal impact of the ongoing occupations. The Winter Soldier hearings in Silver Spring, Maryland, organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War, presented multiple testimonies by veterans who witnessed or participated in atrocities against Iraqis or Afghans.

Independent media reported that the United States Federal Reserve shipped $12 billion in US currency to Iraq at the beginning of the war of which at least $9 billion went missing, but this story never saw the light of day in the US mainstream.

Additionally, many anti-war activists will be surprised to learn that President Bush has signed two executive orders that would allow the US Treasury Department to seize the property of any person perceived to, directly or indirectly, pose a threat to US operations in the Middle East.

Also not reported in the US news is how the leaders of Canada, the US, and Mexico have been secretly meeting to expand the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to form a militarized tri-national Homeland Security force and how more than 23,000 representatives of US private industry are working with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to collect information on fellow Americans.

Coverage of how massive new US-backed military funding threatens peace and democracy in Latin America and that NATO officials are considering a first strike nuclear option was also missing from the corporate press.

Unreported news also includes the stories that the Justice Department believes it is legal for the president to secretly ignore previous executive orders anytime he wants, and the FDA is complicit in allowing drug companies to make false, unsubstantiated, and misleading advertising claims.

Censored news stories also included why the No Child Left Behind program is a huge success for corporate profits, but have had little positive impact on public education. Children in juvenile detention centers in the US face conditions that involve sexual and physical abuse, and even death. And radioactive materials from nuclear weapons production sites are being dumped into public landfills, and being used as recycled metals.

Untold news includes CARE announcing last year that it was turning down $45 million in food aid from the United States government because the procedures the US demands for handling the food actually increases starvation instead of relieving it.

Rounding out the Project Censored list is the news that the guest worker program in the United States victimizes immigrant workers and creates a new form of indentured servitude and that twenty-seven million slaves exist in the world today.

Censorship is a harsh term, but the shocking fact is that the corporate-mainstream media in the US was so busy entertaining us that these and many other important news stories became lost in a news system run amuck.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Real Face of Iraq is Lost in American Media

BOSTON - “American media coverage of the Middle East is not making any progress” admits Kael Alford, a Nieman fellow and highly respected photojournalist at a presentation held Tuesday September 30 at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs in Harvard University.

“There is simply no market for what we do. When I took the decision to go to Iraq in 2003, I was certain just by reviewing the press that Western media coverage of the conflict in general was very much one sided.

“I saw plenty of photographs of Saddam Hussein in leading magazines and newspapers, but little to nothing on the daily life of Iraqis affected by the conflict. I had to rely on my own resources to make the journey from Europe, and arrived in Iraq just before the air strikes began. For three weeks, I photographed the day to day misery and suffering of Iraqis caught up in the crisis.

“Even at the height of the conflict, very few pictures were published by Western media. In fact, I was contacted by CNN for photographs two years after I had taken them! Things are getting worse.

“Few Western journalists have Arabic language skills or real knowledge of the region they are covering. Americans are simply not interested in any more stories on Iraq Palestine or possibly the Middle East. Even if I wanted to take the risk and go back to Iraq, I simply couldn’t afford it on my own expense.

“Washington think tanks were described by an attendant as “Bush’s policy shops” geared towards providing the “intellectual cover for the administration’s failed foreign policy.”

“It is time for think tanks and policy makers in DC to open the floor to more authentic voices from the region, particularly given the limited coverage made by American media in general,” argued another participant.

“My pictures are not news in Washington," says Alford. “The Washington community knows very well the damage we caused to Iraqi civilians. It not as simple as, let’s get the troops out, and everything will be ok.

“We need to clear up the mess we helped to create. Tens of thousands of refugees were displaced during this crisis and they are now a real challenge for neighboring countries like Egypt Syria and Lebanon. Providing assistance to these refugees is a good starting point for the new administration. Western media needs to focus more on human rights concerns,” concluded Alford.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some operations from September

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

1- 9/1/08: The destruction of an American hummer, killing 4 American soldiers in Baiji.
2- 9/2/08: Pounding the American base in Samarra with missles at 6:35 PM.
3- 9/2/08: Sniping an American soldier in Baiji.
4- 9/3/08: IED destruction of an American hummer at 6:05.
5- 9/5/08: Destroying an American minesweeper in Samarra at 8:00 PM.
6- 9/5/08: Destroying an American hummer and killing an american at 11:00 PM in Samarra.
7- 9/6/08: Destroying an American Hummer and all inside in Samarra; 2:00 PM.
8- 9/7/08: Destroying an American Hummer in Baiji and 4 policemen.
9- 9/7/08: Destroying an American hummer and wounding several at 9:00 PM in Kirkuk.
10- 9/7/08: Bombing the US base in Samarra with 3 missles at 6:25 PM.
11- 9/10/08: Destruction of a US Hummer and 4 Americans inside in Baghdad.
12- 9/11/08: Damaging a US minesweeper in Samarra.
13- 9/12/08: American minesweeper destroyed at 7:11 PM near Tikrit.
14- 9/13/08: Destruction of a US Hummer near Riyadh at 11:00 PM
15- 9/13/08: Destroying a US oil truck at 5:25 AM.
16- 9/14/08: Destroying a US oil truck at 3:20 AM.
17- 9/15/08: Damaging an American Hummer at 9:50.
18- 9/16/08: Destroying a US truck at 6:00 AM.
19- 9/18/08: Hit the US base in Samarra with mortar shells at 7:30 PM.
20- 9/20/08: Launching rockets at the US base in Samarra at 6:10 AM.
21- 9/20/08: Damaging a US Hummer.
22- 9/21/08: Destroying a US oil truck.
23- 9/22/08: Assault on a US convoy in Samarra.
24- 9/23/08: Assault on a US Hummer in Samarra.
25- 9/24/08: Destroying an American Hummer and all inside at 9:30 PM.
26- 9/24/08: Attack on an American convoy at 12:40.
27- 9/26/08: Damaging a US Hummer and assaulting a US convoy in Mosul.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jaish al-Sahaba Operation

Jaish al-Sahaba

The Talha ibn Ubaid'Allah Brigade of the Jaish al-Sahaba announces on 10/2/08 an assault against a US Blackhawk helicopter near Baghdad. The Blackhawk was shot down and at least two Americans were killed and several were wounded.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar
Information Office of the Jaish al-Sahaba
Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Arabism is Civilization

Arabism is Civilization
Credit: Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

This article is necessary because many Arabs are now ignorant of their own civilizing mission; they see it as limited to only the areas that are now presently called "Arab" by the Arab League and other international bodies. Arabism is civilization, it is the very fabric of modern society and the Arab resurrection is the resurrection of civilization. It is true that we Arabs must look to resurrecting our own identity and our nation; reunifying it and moving into a new dawn, but this is not only beneficial to Arabs, but to all of mankind.

Arabism did not begin due to any foreign influence, Arabism began due to the common links of all Arabs. Arabism as a concept existed in many ancient Arab societies which took root in the Bilad al-Rafidayn, Máṣr and the Indus valley. Ever since the seed of civilization was planted; it has blossomed from Arabs to the rest of the world. The great pyramids and the learning of Maṣr led, by increasing contact through merchants, to the civilization of Greece; the great aquaducts of the Bilad al-Rafidayn led to the acquaducts of Rome and the accomplishments coming from Arab civilization led to all other civilizational projects.

This goes beyond architecture and to the foundations of society; as is common knowledge, all of the Prophets were Arab and the role they have played in delivering the message of progress and peace has endured through the ages. When the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) spoke, he spoke to Arabs, in the Arabic language. Within 30 years after his death, the world, which was in the darkness, without literacy or anything resembling modern philosophy, science, medicine, chemistry, mathematics, etc. had already begun to become illuminated by the light of Arabism. From the Banu Umayya onward, Arabism lit the way forward. Arab philosophers and scholars dedicated themselves to discovering further and further accomplishments, leading to all modern civilization.

The stagnation and decline of the leading role of Arabs was due to foreign influence; had Arabs maintained their civilizing role and not given way to adopting foreign ways and customs, the world would be far more advanced than it is currently. The rebirth of Arabism today, and the glorious struggle and Jihad to liberate the Land of the Two Rivers, is a fight which will illuminate the world from its time of darkness. In the past 40 years, there has not been a single great advancement or accomplishment by science that has truly improved humanity's lot. In the past 20 years, half of the world has gotten poorer and it continues to. The "advanced" Nations increasingly move towards social-collapse and animalistic behaviour as their societies wither and die. The victory of the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation is not merely the salvation of Arabs, but by extension, the salvation of the entire world from the darkness.

Under the leadership of Comrade President Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, we move ever-closer to a new dawn.

Friday, October 3, 2008

14th Release of the Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Sorry its been so long since the last post. It's been a busy few days and catching up is harder than falling behind. All of these are in .rmvb, meaning they play in real player. If I get complaints, I will add other formats.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: