Sunday, November 30, 2008

Report from Hassan al-Askari Brigade

Reporting from earlier this month, the Hassan al-Askari brigade announced an attack on a US Humvee which was patrolling Samarra, Salah ah-Din Province. The Humvee was destroyed and all Crusader soldiers were killed.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ahmad Sa'adat: Arab countries must break the siege on our people

Comrade Ahmad Sa'adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called upon the Arab countries to break the Israeli siege on our people and open the Rafah crossing.

He also called upon all Palestinian factions and forces to overcome internal division and begin comprehensive national dialogue in earnest, in order to confront the occupation and protect our cause and our people.

Comrade Sa'adat issued these statements during a meeting with attorney Buthaina Duqmaq, president of the Mandela Foundation on November 27, 2008, at Hadarim Prison. He also sent greetings and salutes to our people on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which is commemorated on November 29, celebrating their determination to endure in the face of continued aggression against Palestinian existence and national identity.

Comrade Sa'adat said, "We pay tribute to the steadfastness of our people in Gaza in the face of the barbaric siege, and at the same time, we salute all of the international and popular Arab solidarity with our people in confronting the siege and demanding an end to the blockade, particularly the efforts to physically break the siege, and all of the parliamentarians who supported this work and expressed their support for our people and their just struggle for independence and freedom."

He called upon Arab foreign ministers and the Arab League to take action to break the siege on our people and to open the Rafah crossing without any conditions upon our people immediately.

Comrade Sa'adat further called upon the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization, particularly Mahmoud Abbas, to cease and prevent use of the PLO as a weapon in or to strengthen the internal Palestinian division, which only endangers the role of the PLO as a reference for our people and a framework for unity of our people at home and abroad. He called instead to implement the Cairo agreement of 2005 to rebuild the PLO and bring in all Palestinian forces and hold elections for a new Palestinian National Council that will reinforce and reestablish its position as the sole legitimate representative of our people and as a tool for the maintenance of unity and upholding our national objectives, primarily the right to return, the core of our national cause.

He called upon all Palestinian factions, and particularly Hamas and Fateh, to raise their level of responsibility and overcome all obstacles and work toward national unity, beginning with the release of all political detainees. He emphasized further that it is critical to move away from the state of division and uphold national unity that rejects any external interference in Palestinian affairs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades continue Resistance against Zionist settlements

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, shelled the settlement of Sderot on November 20, 2008 at 6:45 am with a developed Sumoud rocket.

AAMB also announced that it, along with the Nasser Salah-a-Din Brigades of the Popular Resistance Committees, launched a developed rocket at occupied Asqelan at 6:40 PM on Wednesday, November 19, 2008. AAMB also shelled the settlement of Kfar Azza with three developed Sumoud rockets at 3 PM on November 19.

On Tuesday, November 18, in a joint operation with the Nasser Salah-a-Din Brigades, AAMB shelled the settlement of Sderot with two developed Sumoud rockets. Earlier on Tuesday, AAMB noted occupation military activity east of Beit Hanoun at 4:15 PM and engaged in clashes with the occupation forces at that time.

On November 17, 2008, AAMB fired a developed Sumoud rocket at the settlement of Sderot at 11:30 PM.

In statements, AAMB emphasized their commitment to continue the resistance and the defense of our people, stressing that resistance is our option to respond to the ongoing crimes of the occupation against our people, and stating that the crimes against our people will be met only by continued and increased resistance.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Socialism and Liberation: The only future for the World

Socialism, Liberation and Islam: The only future for the World
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

As the fabric of the world economy begins to unravel, it is clear the victory of the Iraqi Resistance may sound the death knoll for Capitalism and Western Imperialism. In 2003, President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and other Imperialists lauded that their Imperialism would last forever and Iraq would be the first step towards the New World Order they had planned. Now, nearing 2009, the Western economies have come to their worst situation in 70 years, their Imperialist dreams are being shattered and they must scramble to find solutions to their problems.

There is no simple solution to the problems facing the West. Their very economies rest on Imperialist expansion, dominating and controlling other regions of the world. With the Bolivarian movement led by Hugo Chavez and Arab Venezuela, South America has declared its independence from US-Imperialism. US Imperialism and its lackeys are now defeated in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and they will meet the same end in Palestine. Capitalism itself has failed the West, for the West to have any future, they must abandon their failed systems.

Imperialism must be abandoned and countries given the chance to develop according to their own desires, they must be given complete and total independence. Capitalism must be abandoned and the people given some of the proceeds of their labour. This crisis is nothing except the inevitable result of Imperialism and Capitalism. As further countries seek independence, it forces the US to act with more force, further sinking itself.

The countries which have avoided this crisis are the Socialist countries of South America alongside Cuba and the Socialist countries of Asia. In 1991, by the will of Allah, the Soviet empire was struck down and collapsed due to its own nature. Communism was not the answer to Capitalism, nor is any system which denies the culture, heritage and some degree of property of the people within it. Socialism is the answer to Capitalism and the only system ensuring fairness as it is the only system which does not use poverty, starvation and other methods as weapons. Despite the claims of the West, history did not end in 1991, but their ignorance has led them to their end.

The Western countries in Europe and the United States must now decide if they want to continue their ways or be destroyed. Europe and the United States must heed their warnings or they will fall as all of the past Empires which sought domination have fallen. They are no more mighty than Pharaoh and their end shall be no different. All countries now stand warned and should adopt Socialism for their own Liberation and all Imperialist powers must cease aggression, for if they do not, a chastisement awaits them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A statement of the Preparatory Committee for the commemoration of the Murder of the leader Martyr Saddam Hussein

A statement of the Preparatory Committee for the commemoration of the Murder of the leader Martyr Saddam Hussein


The Preparatory Committee for the commemoration of the murder of the modern times martyrs' master, leader martyr Saddam Hussein, calls upon all the Iraqi and Arab militants to give and propose their suggestions concerning the celebration of this event, in order to organize them in a unified program celebrated worldwide.

The Preparatory Committee would like to insist, that these celebrations come at a time when the armed Iraqi Resistance is growing, intensifying, strengthening its presence and inflicting the US occupation formidable defeats despite all the wicked ways and means the US occupiers use to conceal and hide their losses. The Iraqi Resistance has achieved a formidable victory over the Occupiers, leading the US towards the brink of collapse, bleeding it to death materially and humanly. This will force the gates wide open to the decisive victory.

Your detailed suggestions concerning this central patriotic event in every country are important so as to go hand in hand with the great successes undertaken by the Baath and the Iraqi Resistance with all its factions in order to defeat the enemy plans and to continue the march on leader Martyr Saddam Hussein's path which is the path of the utter liberation of Iraq to expel the US Occupation.

The Committee suggests the following:

1 - Organize in an Arab or a foreign country a wide popular meeting to celebrate this anniversary.

2 - In case there is no possibility to organize such a meeting, a small gathering of elite will suffice.

3 - Print and distribute prospectuses, brochures and posters in public places or celebrations' premises and halls.

4 - Invite large numbers of political parties and diverse forces, known personalities from every scope... The celebration should be a public patriotic event and not a private partisan.

5 - Insist in the speeches and in the distributed brochures on the unity of the Resistance' factions as the best way towards the liberation of Iraq.

6 - Encourage Arab and Iraqi citizens living in foreign countries to participate in these events in an active way.

The Preparatory Committee's Coordinator

Salah al Mukhtar

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is the Separation of Kurdistan led by Barzani and Hamid Jaffar?

Is the Separation of Kurdistan led by Barzani and Hamid Jaffar?

Brothers in Jihad and Resistance, we have enemies in the open and other ones who operate in the shadows and the devious nature of our enemies is what is always to be expected.

The war is to steal the oil; the generals said that, the politicians and even the Zionists. Bremer arrived first and stole billions of dollars in cash. Just as other thieves stole over 130,000 pieces of artifacts, and then came the Kurds, who transported the factories of our armed forces and all the weapons to Persia, all this was witnessed by the Iraqis, readers all around the world, and even the blind!

As for the thieves who destroyed from behind the shadows, they always reach a level where they uncover themselves, when they help occupying forces to achieve their plans, our people and their resistance will reveal his plans, for they are more dangerous than the ones who operate in broad daylight.

If we leave these thieves for a moment, and direct our attention to the Northern provinces, will find the results that were handed over to us by our brothers, in the Iraqi Resistance Information Desk these results reveal the principles followed by the Kurdish militias:

1- The independence of Kurdistan can only occur after the destruction of Iraq by the help of foreign forces.

2- The establishment of greater Kurdistan can only occur after the destruction of Turkey, also by the help of foreign forces.

3- The re-establishment of an Iraqi Arab army is considered a prime danger to Kurdish separatist parties.

4- All previous agreements with governments in Baghdad are considered temporary arrangements. All agreements with the Persians, the English, and the Zionists are to be respected in the short and long-term, even if some stages of implementation is delayed.

But what are the ideals of Iraqis after the occupation has been defeated:

1- Massood Barazani, is like his father. All we have to look at, are the memoirs of his assistant, Mahmoud Othman, on one of his numerous visits to Tel Aviv. He once confirmed that separation is inevitable after the control of Kirkuk, Half of Mosul, Diala, & Even Kut.

2- The US Admin. & the English, created Kurdistan. They have prevented the Turkish army and their government from defending Turkey in preparation to weaken that state. The attacks the Turkish Army is carrying out are purely cosmetic.

3- Kurdistan will never exist as a separate state, unless it was supported economically and by oil by the occupiers.

4- The occupation has found a leading financier who operates in the dark, who aids Barazani implement his plan, a man who was Iraqi, by the name Hamid Dhia Jaffar, a man who operates efficiently, even more than Barzani and the Peshmergas Militia. And he's proud of what he's doing, after he pulled behind him those who are greedy as well as other regional governments, companies and Banks.

What has he done to reinforce separatism? Let us together summarize his actions, planned from the cities Amman, London, and Arbil.

It is known, that he is a close friend of Ayad Allawi, and their meetings before and after the occupation in Amman and London were numerous. After the occupation, he managed to sign a contract to manage Iraq's Ports from Allawi's government. But it was soon canceled after the Persian militias managed to control Basra, and close all of Allawi's offices there.

He managed to convince the government of Norway, to introduce a company by the name DNO oil to sign a contract with the government of Kurdistan, without the approval of the Baghdad government, he then fulfilled his part of the contract by supplying and installing a new Chinese drilling platform, in the return for a share in the gas production, as for the oil that was found in “Towkey” field, that will be divided between Norway and the Kurdish Parties.

The aim is clear, it is setting the first building blocks of separation and the providing of economic and financial power for the separatist regions.

In September of 2005, Hamid Jaffar, signed a contract as “Crescent oil” with the Iraqi oil exploration company to prepare studies regarding the oil fields on the so-called Iraqi Kuwaiti border.

On the 16th April 2007, he signed a major agreement with the president of Kurdistan Neshervan Barazani, with another of his companies Dana Gas, along with its partner Crescent Petroleum, which is managed by his sons Majid and Badr, to develop the gas fields of “Khormoor”, which was closed after the war of 1991, also the field of “Chamchamal”, to provide fuel for Kurdish electricity plants in Arbil and Sulaimaniah. And he guaranteed during a speech, that he will bring companies from the UAE to develop strategic projects in Kurdistan under the initial value of $650 million dollars.

On 22nd of November 2008 this man opened a branch of his Company, Dana Gas in Sulaimaniah.

On the 5th of July 2008, he leased an Antonov transport aircraft to deliver critical gas plant components all the way from Houston in the US to Arbil in Iraq direct.

On the 10th of July 2008, he established a partnership between Crescent oil and a Turkish company called “Turkler” to form a new company by the name “Ingy Gas” which will market exported gas from the north and carry out the exports through Turkish territory.

On the 30th of June 2008, he declared that he received a large part of land from the Kurdistan government sizing up to 46 km² to construct Kurdistan city of gas, an industrial area at the cost of US$3 billion in infrastructure that will attract $40 billion of investments from the UAE and other foreign countries.

During the month of June 2008 he also signed a contract with a company called “Icarus” based in Kuwait for the joint exploration of oil and gas.

On the 20th of July 2008, Hamid and Barzani met and declared that gas production will begin at the end of 2008 with the capacity of 300,000 cubic feet; this will provide electricity stations in Arbil and Sulaimaniah which produce 1250 MW using a pipeline extending 180 km. They also declared that they will construct Kurdistan city of gas worth $500 million in this project will free $2 billion worth of expenses currently used to purchase fuel from areas.

He then went on to declare on 5th of September 2008 that production has started, and to complete the project he has spent $650 million to provide 50,000 tons of equipment on pipelines that were loaded on a total of 2300 trucks that entered Iraq from Turkey.

On the 5th of October 2008, he succeeded in arranging a seminar about Oil, sponsored by the Oil Council of the Emirates of Sharjah in the UAE, which welcomed 12 members of the oil and gas council and the puppet parliament of Iraq and verbal agreements were made, on the dining table of Sharjah’s sheikh, who knows nothing of the true extent of Hamid's Plan.

There are many points we have chosen to leave for now as they are numerous, but after giving you a summary of this man's work in the dark, and his keen ambition to develop multi-billion-dollar oil projects that will lead to separatism and favoritism to Kurdish militia leaders and the occupiers; a man who is no less dangerous than those who came in with the occupiers and made occupation easy, by assisting the occupiers and prolonging their stay without having the enemy treasury bare the cost of this occupation.

The Zionists have built the airport of Arbil with Barzani, and there are cities and camps being built for the American troops and the Resistance knows their positions very well, all these camps require diesel and gas & Hamid Jaffar is providing this with funds from the UAE. How was this possible??

It is impossible for a normal man to become a financial dinosaur in days, it is only possible with the assistance of those who program his moves of American and British advisers, and if this dreamer, along with his partners calculate the profits of stealing Iraq wealth; then do they measure the effect and negative impact of funding the Peshmergas Militia with weapons that divide the North, and killing innocent Iraqis and Mosul and other Provinces ??

What does Rafidan say?

If Hameed seeks wealth, then the income of his publicly liable companies is divided equally amongst the shareholders, unless he is stealing some without them knowing, why then does he risk ruining the reputation of himself and his family?

If this is part of the arrangement with the Americans not to imprison his brother, then we ask is his brother worth three provinces and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?

And if he says he is a foreigner, then we must try him as a criminal who plotted the division of Iraq & the killing of its people financially, didn't the allies try the German finance minister for preparing his country's economy for war?

And if he says he is Iraqi, then we should try him as a traitor & numerous times!

And if he says he regrets what he has done, then he must first support the Iraqi resistance financially, and then halt all of his projects & activities in Iraq, and in broad daylight for all to see, and it is very easy for us to confirm that.

Finally, we wish to remind him to explain to us, why he is supporting Barzani and his partners whom he knows well, that they have participated in the occupation of Iraq and the building of US bases, Barazani also supports the signing of a long-term plan for US presence in Iraq. Is it possible that Hamid does not know that the occupation has killed over 1 million Iraqis, created 5 million refugees, orphaned 1 million of our children, and widowed over 1 million of our women?


The political committee

Baghdad - the Republic of Iraq

on the 18th of Shawal 1429 H

18 October 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Righteous Campaign Against the Convention Will End This Occupation

The Righteous Campaign Against the Convention Will End This Occupation
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

The Convention to come to an agreement which will legally allow US and other Imperialist presence to continue in Iraq is a crime and one which the call has been sounded against.

Answering the call to end the occupation now and push the Crusaders and Zionists out of the Land of the Two Rivers forever are:
1. Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order
2. Army of the Chosen
3. General Command of the Armed Forces
4. Jaish al-Mujahideen
5. Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas-Iraq)
6. Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance (JAMI)
7. Army of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal
8. Jaish al-Mujahideen al-Murabiteen
9. Soldiers of Monotheism Brigades
10. 1920 Revolution Brigades
11. Army of the Righteous
12. Army of Muslims
13. Islamic Movement of Iraq's Mujahideen
14. Ansar al-Sunnah (Sharia)
15. Brigades of the Beneficent
16. Empowerment Brigades
17. Battalions of Muhammad the Conquerer
18. Islamic Army in Iraq

It is obviously assumed that more will join and that the rest of the Patriotic, Islamic and National resistance will join as well including the rest of the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation. This campaign so far looks to combine all elements who have fought against the Occupation and will now stand against the treasonous agreement. The Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation is known as a group which has always stood against the occupation since the day of its foundation and in its roots before the occupation as the legitimate government of Iraq, there is also the Change and Jihad Front led by the 1920 Revolution Brigades, as well as the Political Council for the Iraqi Resistance, the Army of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal and others. While many of these groups may not have agreed on tactics in the past, all of them have fought to end the occupation in whatever ways they saw fit. This Campaign brings all major sections of the Resistance together and so the Occupation cannot last long.

Filmed Operations so far from this Campaign:

Attack on Supply Convoy in Salah ad-Din Province:

Attack on Supply Convoy in Anbar Province:

Photage of a Downed UAV

Destruction of Hummer in southern Baghdad:

General Command of the Armed Forces destroys a Hummer in Kirkuk:

Mortar Attack on al-Bakr Air Base:

More Mortar Attacks:

Launching Missles at US Position in Baghdad:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades Bombards the Occupier

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

AAMB bombards the occupier with resistance following murderous assault on Gaza

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, announced several resistance operations on November 5, 2008, coming on the heels of the occupier's murderous attack upon Gaza.

On November 5, at 5:30 PM, AAMB announced that it fired two developed Sumoud rockets at the settlement of Sderot and the western Naqab. At 10:35 AM, it announced that it fired two developed Sumoud rockets at occupied Asqelan.

At 7:30 AM, AAMB fired two Sumoud rockets at Sderot, and also fired three mortar shells at Kfar Azza at 8:00 AM. With a group of other resistance forces, AAMB fired four 90mm mortar rounds at 10:25 AM at the military site east of the martyrs cemetary in Jabaliya, and fired three developed Sumoud missiles at another military garrison and airstrip at 12:30 PM.

AAMB noted that this is part of the continuing response to the occupiers' crimes against our people and the collective response of the resistance to those crimes, stating that the crimes of the occupier will not pass without punishment and that the resistance will continue as long as the occupation remains on our land. AAMB reiterated that it was in full readiness to repeal any Zionist aggression against our people.

Jaish al-Mustafa video

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Operations from October

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

3/10/2008 - Detonated an explosive device on a U.S. military convoy that resulted in the destruction of the Hummer vehicle, killing and wounding the occupants.

5/10/2008- Launched a missile strike on a U.S. barracks that hit their target, and smoke was seen rising from the target area.

5/10/2008- Bombed headquarters of the U.S. base in the Second Corps with four mortar shells and injuries were great in the target area.

7/10/2008- Detonated an explosive device on a U.S. convoy cuasing the destruction of one vehicle and wounding the occupants.

9/10/2008- Bombed headquarters of the U.S. base in Buhruz, with mortar rounds which hit the target area.

10/10/2008- A number of missiles and mortar shells fired at a U.S. barracks which hit the targets and destroyed several vehicles which were seen burning.

12/10/2008- Katyusha rockets were fired on a U.S. base targeting the communications towers which were destroyed.

15/10/2008- Fired three Katyusha rockets at a U.S. military base which hit and information shows that enemy casualties were 21 killed and wounded.

18/10/2008- Device was detonated on a convoy of occupiers wounding a number of its members.

19/10/2008- Device was detonated on a convoy of the occupiers injuring several.

21/10/2008- Detonated an explosive device on an American line consisting of a number of people and tankers. Destroyed a tanker, killing and wounding the occupants.

21/10/2008- Bombed headquarters of the U.S. base in Balad Ruz, with three mortar shells.

22/10/2008- Device was detonated on a convoy of the occupiers destroying a vehicle and killing and wounding the occupants.

24/10/2008- Bombed U.S. base in Miqdadiya, with four 82-mm mortar shells.

25/10/2008- Attacking a US barracks with 2 c5ks which hit, but losses are unknown.

27/10/2008- Device was detonated on a U.S. patrol vehicle, killing and wounding the occupants.

29/10/2008- Explosive device on a U.S. minesweeper and killing all inside and destroying the vehicle.

Monday, November 10, 2008



By Ibrahim Ebeid,

New York- November 9-2008

When Iraq was under the Hashemite family rule the country was close to the West, especially with Britain, until the 1958 Revolution took place when Iraq established relation with the Soviet Union. But as soon as the Ba’ath took power in 1963, the relation with the West worsened because Iraq took a more independent path, economically and politically, and in 1972 the Iraq Friendship and Cooperation treaty with the Soviet Union was signed.

Since then the West, and especially the United States, were furious and started creating problems and conspiring against Iraq The preparation for war against Ba'athist Iraq was in the making.

In 1978, Carter placed Iraq on a list of states that supported terrorism. Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, and her friend President Reagan were fabricating the lies that Iraq was building the largest cannon in the world, capable of shelling Tehran and Tel Aviv. Later on the myth of the super gun took a new form, a new lie, which told that the fabled weapon was designed to fire nuclear, chemical and biological shells at US military targets in the Gulf, Middle East, Red Sea and Mediterranean, as well as targeting Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey and Israel. This lie was circulated by DEBKA-Net-Weekly. Britain and the US adopted the lies that were spread by DEBKA-Net-Weekly. US and "Israeli" intelligence were taken aback to discover that not one, but three or four super guns, had just turned up in Iraq's arsenal. In reality, the huge special pipes were ordered by Iraq from Britain for a milk factory and for oil pipe lines.

New lies were revived about the myth of the Super gun by DEBEKA WEEKLY on January 2002 to help President Bush invade Iraq for "Israel" and for oil of course, not for "democracy." This was part of the myth of the weapons of mass destruction; the lies were exactly similar to the previous ones.

All US Presidents since Carter were viciously hostile towards Iraq and Palestine. Unfortunately, early indications show that President-elect Barack Obama is following the same pattern as his predecessors. He did not break the wall of fear and isolation; he will keep the American people living in constant fear by illustrating the Arab Liberation Forces in Iraq and Palestine as terrorists and attaching them to the myth of Al Qaeda. Already he is taking the side of the Zionists and "Israel". He will keep anti Palestinian sentiments alive to satisfy the Zionist and Jewish Lobbies. He will continue supporting the "sectarian government of the Green Zone" which his predecessor imported from Iran.

Sooner than most of us expected, he picked Joseph Biden to be his running mate. Biden a devout Zionist and supporter of "Israel", once stated on Shalom TV, "I am a Zionist; you do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

Biden supports splitting Iraq into three states, a Kurdish in the North, a Sunni in the Center and Shia in the South. He supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq and now he will soon be the vice president of the US. He denies the right of the Iraqis for unity, liberation and independence.

Representative Rahm Emanuel, the son of settler colonialist terrorist in usurped Palestine was welcomed by America's Jewish community as US President-elect Barack Obama's best pick for the post of Chief of Staff. Emanuel was born in Jerusalem and was an Israeli citizen until the age of 18. I would not be surprised if he is still a citizen of the Zionist entity because a Jew is allowed to carry dual citizenship, Israeli and another one. In his case, he is an Israeli-US citizen. This prompted many Zionist leaders, in the US and in "Israel" to praise Obama. William Daroff, the director of the Washington office of the United Jewish Communities (UJC), said "Rep. Emanuel is also a good friend of Israel, coming from good Irgun stock" referring to his father who was a member of the Irgun terrorist organization that assassinated and killed Palestinians and British in Mandated Palestine in the thirties and forties.

In his visit to occupied Palestine, Obama stated that Jerusalem should not be divided but should be the eternal capital of "Israel" and like the rest of the previous US Presidents he considers the Palestinians who fight for the liberation of their land as terrorists, Also, he did not hide his agreement with the Zionist leaders by denying the Palestinians the right to return to their land from which they were expelled in 1948. At a press conference on March 2, 2008, Obama stated: "Any negotiated peace between Israelis and the Palestinians is going to have to involve the Palestinians relinquishing the right of return as it has been understood in the past."

If Mr. Obama is serious about ending the war, which I doubt, then he must recognize the Iraqi National Resistance as the legitimate representative of Iraq, and he must agree to the immediate and unconditional withdrawal. He must agree to compensate Iraq for all the damages that the fascist war caused to its people and to its infrastructure. He must disassociate himself and the United States from the sectarian government which was brought from Iran to the "Green Zone." This government is illegal and represents the interests of the Iranian and US Occupations at the same time. All political, prisoners of war and the legitimate Iraqi leadership must be released. These were some of the conditions of the Iraqi National Resistance stated in its Program for Liberation and Independence, and then he can sit down with the Resistance to facilitate the withdrawal of the troops immediately.

The possibility of Obama meeting with the Iraqi National Resistance is about as remote as Adolf Hitler receiving a posthumous award from the B'Nai Brith for humanitarian activities. In November 2005, Obama mentioned the Iraqi Resistance to the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations. He told the group, the U.S. must "contain and ultimately extinguish the insurgency in Iraq."

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of Arab-American votes went to Obama, despite his pandering to Zionist supporters and his many pro-Israel statements during the campaign. In the last poll held prior to the election, 68% of potential Arab-American voters said they would cast their ballots for Obama. They suffer from the suspension of disbelief.

One may ask, "Well, McCain was not pro-Arab, why was it such a mistake to vote for Obama?" The mistake of an Arab-American voting for Obama showed a lack of knowledge of the candidates as well as a certain amount of self-hate. Two candidates, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney, ran fair and astute campaigns. Both called for an immediate exit from Iraq of U.S. troops and both lambasted the Democrats and Republicans for their pro-“Israel” positions. Sure, they were on the ballot as minor parties, but they did not disrespect Arabs and force them to vote against their interests. If Arab-Americans voted en masse for these candidates, they would have sent forth a strong message that their votes should not be taken for granted by two pro-Zionist candidates.

If Mr. Obama does not end the war, the United States will be defeated for sure, occupation always end up with bitter defeat and humiliation, we are witnessing the fall out in the economy and the American people are paying the price

If Mr. Obama ends the war, Americans and Iraqis would be triumphant; progress and security would come to the area and to the rest of the World, including the United States and we will hear no more of "Al Qaeda."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Call for Palestinian Unity

Call for Palestinian Unity
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

In-light of the cancellation of the unity talks in Cairo, it is necessary to call for absolute and total Palestinian Unity.

We call for the unity of all Palestinians in their Arab identity against the Zionists, for a new, neutral government until elections can be held and we call for Abbas to certainly not run for an extension on his Presidency.

Hamas and Fatah are not enemies of each other, Hamas has spent the past two decades waging Jihad against the Zionist-entity and Fatah has waged Jihad since their inception. Shahids Yasser Arafat and Ahmed Yassin were not enemies, they were allies in the war against Zionism, for the absolute and total independance and freedom of Palestine.

We call on all other factions to encourage the formation of Unity, because no Unity can be achieved without the involvement of the PFLP, PFLP-GC, Islamic Jihad and other Patriotic organizations.

All to Palestinian Unity!
Death to Zionism!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baghdad Citizen's Gathering: The Criminal Bush Moves to the Dustbin of History

Baghdad Citizen's Gathering: The Criminal Bush Moves to the Dustbin of History

Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential elections have turned a page in the history pages of the worst, most offensive line and the most deadly attacks on Baghdad in more than seven centuries. Despite similarities in the destruction of Iraq in the two periods, including indiscriminate killings, rape and the destruction of culture, science centers and libraries and the burning, killing and displacement of the scholars and elders; on this occasion we call on all Iraqis to call to the new president to give Iraq freedom and stand in the forefront to pressure all industrial and military centers to uphold the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people, the glorious Iraqi resistance which defeated the conservative gang. To complete the new draft of the liberation we call on everyone to increase support to the heroic resistance fighters, through money and all kinds of support they need and stress the importance of unity as Iraqis and help them speed up victory.

The era of the criminal Bush go to the dustbin of history of the world with all of the murderers as the people of Iraq raise the banner of liberation and sovereignty and full independence and the right of compensation for all damage and the full judgment of all parties involved including traitors and spies, mercenaries, those who make up the so-called government, parliament and other parties.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

US Helicopter Forced to Land after being hit with Rockets

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

U.S. Plane forced to land after rockets hit.

Oh sons of the struggling Iraqi people and the patient
Oh sons of our people and the Arab nation
Oh mujahideen, believers, the warriors

In the afternoon of Monday, the 3rd of November, 2008 by firing a rocket the Mujahideen heroes absolutely hit one enemy helicopter in the Tamim region west of Kirkuk, an emergency landing was seen by witnesses indicating it, and we are thankful to The Almighty God.

God is Great!
God is Great!
God is Great!
It is a jihad until victory.

Is the Gaza Ceasefire Over?

Israel hit by 'rockets from Gaza'
Source: Aljazeera

More than 35 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, according to news agency Reuters.

Israeli police reported "massive" rocket fire from the Hamas-governed Palestinian territory on Wednesday morning.

A police spokesman said there were no injuries or damage.

The rocket fire came just hours after six Palestinians were killed in the first clash between Israeli troops and Hamas fighters since a truce was declared in June.

Three other people were injured in the incident late on Tuesday, which involved an Israeli air strike.

Israeli border troops and Hamas fighters fired at each other after the soldiers moved to destroy "a tunnel aimed at abducting soldiers" about 300m inside Gaza.

'Enemy will pay'

During the clashes, Dr Moaiya Hassanain, a Palestinian health ministry official, said one Palestinian - Mazen Seada, a senior Hamas commander in central Gaza - was killed and three were wounded, including a woman.

Shortly afterwards, Hamas said it fired mortars at southern Israel and the army said it launched an air strike at the mortar launchers and hit them.

Hamas radio confirmed that four fighters were killed in the air strike.

Gaza medics said another fighter was killed by a tank shell.

Hamas vowed revenge, saying on its military wing's website that its "response will be harsh, and the enemy will pay a heavy price".

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said the raid proved that Israel was not interested in continuing the ceasefire although he stopped short of saying that Hamas would abandon it.

"The aggression is a major violation of the agreement. If such raids are repeated, fighting will not be limited only to the area east of the central Gaza Strip," Abu Zuhri said.

A senior Israeli military official speaking on condition of anonymity said the tunnel had been dug from inside a Gaza home, illustrating that Hamas was using civilians for cover.

Truce threatened

Both sides claimed they had not violated the Egyptian-mediated truce reached in June after months of indirect negotiations that halted a deadly cycle of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli bombardment.

The army said it was acting to remove an immediate threat to Israel while Hamas said it was trying to prevent an Israeli incursion.

Despite the truce, Israel has closed its crossings into the coastal strip of 1.4 million Palestinians and mostly kept the crippling siege it imposed on the area after Hamas forcibly took over the territory from Fatah forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in June last year.

Sporadic rocket attacks on southern Israel from Gaza have also persisted in spite of the ceasefire.

Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier, was seized near the Gaza Strip by Palestinian fighters who tunnelled across the border in June 2006.

The fighters continue to demand the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in return for Shalit.

Comment: Allahu Akbar! May this begin a Third Intifada to completely liberate Palestine.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Expect Nothing and Prepare for the Worst (US Election)

Expect Nothing and Prepare for the Worst
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

As the results begin to be counted in the Elections for the next President of the United States, we should expect nothing and prepare for the worst.

Despite the eyes of the world being on Barack Obama, and the hopes of his victory, he will still command the allegiance of the Army and forces which currently occupy Iraq. In addition, he will still, like all American Presidents, be inclined to favour the Zionist Entity and oppress our brothers in Palestine. Despite calls for the US to retreat from Iraq, Obama has gone from a 1 year withdrawl plan to a 4 year one. Regardless of what boundaries it may break, Obama is not to be extended the trust of Arabs or Muslims, nor any of the progressive people of the world until the United States has completely retreated from Iraq, until the forces of reaction leave Somalia, until the UN stops pressuring and criminalising Sudan, until the Zionist entity is no more, until the United States allows for full and complete independance amongst nations in the America's and in Africa.

These are the basic obligations the US must fulfill in order to be accepted as ceasing its Imperialist, hegemonic ambitions. The US is not a friend, ally or even a neutral party until all of these are fulfilled, and it would be foolish to think that the next President, regardless of his origins, will be inclined to abandon Imperialism.

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order video

Army of Men of the Naqshbandi Order

Sorry, but due to technical problems, I was only able to get a single download link up and running, should have more soon though.

Iraq still thirsting for water that's safe to drink

BAGHDAD — Every day, a man driving a tanker truck filled with water comes to Nashat al Chamamla's village in southern Iraq, and every day the people line up to fill their jugs and jerry cans.

"The water we buy from the tanker isn't clean. You can see the dirt in it," Chamamla said. "But we drink it anyway."

Violence has dropped dramatically across Iraq in recent months, but the fight for a better life is just beginning. From electricity and health care to education and the economy, Iraq has many needs, and safe drinking water is among the most urgent.

"The water situation in Iraq is a crisis," said Bushra Jabbar al Kinani, an Iraqi lawmaker and a member of the parliament's services and public works committee. "We see the consequences in the health of our people, and they are very bad."

Waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid are endemic. A cholera outbreak this summer sickened hundreds in Baghdad and Babil province. Diarrhea is among the leading causes of childhood illness and death in Iraq, according to the Iraqi Red Crescent Organization, a nonprofit aid agency.

"Everywhere there is not clean water there is disease," said Jalil al Shimari, a doctor with Baghdad's health directorate. "We see a steady number of people still getting sick from the water problems."

No one in Nashat al Chamamla's village about 200 miles southeast of Baghdad has running water. Until an enterprising man started showing up with the tanker truck a couple of years ago, everyone drank from the Euphrates River. Most people in the village still use river water to bathe and wash their clothes, and some still drink it.

"I hear it's dangerous," said Chamamla, who's unemployed. "But I haven't been sick from the water yet, so I think it's OK."

Though estimates vary, most say that nearly half of Iraq's people don't have reliable access to safe drinking water. In a national survey that questioned 8,700 people in August, 58 percent said they can get clean water at least some of the time, according to a Defense Department report.

For the rest, every sip is a gamble.

About 40 percent of Iraqi households still don't have running water, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Even before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, a large portion of Iraq's population lacked access to safe drinking water. The 1991 Gulf War and the sanctions that followed it took a toll on the country's ability to deliver clean water and properly handle sewage. The violence and the widespread looting that accompanied the fall of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship aggravated the problems.

Some families without running water buy it from stores and tanker trucks, but others who are too poor collect it from rivers, canals and wells that often are badly polluted.

In Baghdad, about two-thirds of the city's sewage still flows untreated to rivers and other waterways, said Lt. Col. Jarrett Purdue, the head of the water sector for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Gulf Region Division.

Even for those who have it, running water isn't consistently available, and its safety is questionable.

"People can simply smell the water and know it's bad. I hear this all the time," Kinani said. "And often they turn on the tap and there is nothing."

Haider Hussein, a 35-year-old father of two, said that his house in Baghdad's Sadr City district rarely has water. "Especially in the mornings, you turn on the sink and nothing comes out," he said. "If it does it smells of sewage . . . . I am afraid to give it to my children, but we can't afford bottled water every day."

In Baghdad and outlying provinces alike, water purification plants use inconsistent and often ineffective methods, said Dorothea Krimitsas, a spokeswoman for the ICRC, which is working to improve clean water delivery in Iraq.

"Sometimes it's a lack of expertise in the people staffing the plants and sometimes it's a lack of chemicals and equipment," Krimitsas said. "But whatever the reasons, we know steps do get missed."

Contamination after water leaves purification plants is a bigger problem, she said. Pipes across Iraq have been damaged by the war. Others have gone years without maintenance. That's especially dangerous in the many areas of Iraq that also lack operational sewage lines.

"When you literally have sewage flowing down the streets and the pipes for the clean water are broken, it's easy to imagine how it all ends up mixing back together," Krimitsas said.

Muslim Khalaf, a 38-year-old English teacher from Basra, won't let his four children drink water from their faucets. Instead, he drives two or three times a day to a nearby shop to fill an empty water can.

"We know the pipes are all broken, and we know sewage gets in," Khalaf said. "We are fortunate that we can afford to buy something safer."

International aid organizations, the U.S. and the Iraqi government are all working to improve clean water delivery. Since 2003, the U.S. has spent about $2.4 billion on water projects here, according to an October report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

Most of that has gone to building and repairing pipe networks, water purification plants and sewage pumping and treatment stations. The U.S. also has launched programs to train plant operators and develop the Iraqi government's capacity to manage its own water projects, said Purdue, the Army Corps official.

"We've definitely come a long, long way," he said. "Millions of people here have water who didn't have it before."

But there's a long way to go, too.

Most estimates put the total cost of delivering clean water across Iraq at more than $10 billion, and that number goes up every time insurgents target pipelines, pumping stations and other facilities. This week, a homemade bomb broke a water main in Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood, cutting service to hundreds of thousands of people, the U.S. military said.

Kinani, the Iraqi lawmaker, said that progress also has been slowed by corruption and incompetence in Iraqi government ministries.

"They don't understand the significance of the problem because they don't go out to meet the people and see the suffering," Kinani said. "This is unfortunate, because the suffering is everywhere."

Source: Corinne Reilly of McClatchy Newspapers

Sheikh Dari: The Resistance is to reach its goal

Sheikh Dari: The Resistance is to reach its goal

Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, His Highnesses Dr. Harith al Dari confirmed that the resistance in Iraq cut in three fourth of the way to reach its goal of liberating Iraq. For signing a security agreement with the occupation al Dhari advised to be a little patient; because " the end of the occupation is near"

Dr. al Dhari said in an interview with al Haq Agency: “the AMSI has adopted a fatwa prohibiting the Status of Forces Agreement (Security Agreement) because; first, its origin is baseless, it is agreement between strong and weak, between the occupier and the representatives of the occupied people, destroyed by the occupying power, because so-called representatives do indeed not represent legitimately the Iraqi people; in contrast they were elected through fraudulent and counterfeit elections formed and supervised by the occupation.”

His Eminence Dr. Hareth al Dhari added that: “the occupiers will leave, therefore we consider the approval of this agreement and signature on it by any party will be considered as treason and illegal because this agreement is coercive and humiliating.”

Source: Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Video from Jaish al-Mu'tazz Billah

Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation

A Video from the Jaish al-Mu'tazz Billah, one of the newer additions to the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation, with an IED targeting an American vehicle near Mosul.

There is One Islam and There are No Sects

There is One Islam and There are No Sects
by Omar al-Hakim

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

This comes as a partial response to the "Letter of Warning to All Shia" from the Salafi-Jihadist Youth of Gaza and to all who create strife, Sunni or Shia and those who seek to harm and repress our Christian brothers.

There is a single Islam, for Allah states:

And hold fast, all together, by the Rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the Pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: that ye may be guided. (Al-i-Imran: 103)

All other religions have broken into sects, but Allah warns of sects and their division and wrongdoings saying:

As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did. (Al-An'am: 153)

For as sects break and attack each other, they seperate from the religion as a whole and the path of Allah:

But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself. (Al-Muminun: 53)

Therefore, no man should question another man as to his intentions, lest the acts of this man constitute clear treason and upon which the accuser brings steady proof.

What good does it do to condemn and fight amongst ourselves when the Crusaders and Zionists still occupy our soil?

In Iraq, as in Palestine, there are those who fight the enemy and do not bicker or differentiate between the supposed 'sects' of Islam, there are those righteous Christians who fight alongside their Arab brothers for the liberation of the homeland from the invaders and occupiers.

For Allah assures all that:

Those who believe (in the Qur-an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians, any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (Al-Baqarah: 62)

The enemy of Islam and Arabs is not themselves, it is not other Muslims or other Arabs; the enemy of Islam and Arabs is the enemy who does not walk among us, rather he walks upon us. It is the Crusaders who invade Iraq, who send from every coffer their aid to the Zionist entity, who has their vassals invade Somalia, who seeks to conquer and subjugate the entire Ummah. This enemy must be fought and takes priority.

Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. (Al-Baqarah: 190)

Let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter, To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah - whether he is slain or gets victory - soon shall We give him a reward of great (value). (An-Nisaa: 74)

The Holy Jihad for the liberation of Muslim and Arab lands is not a cause to be fought against those who take up the sword against the Crusaders and Zionists, the Holy Jihad is solely against the Crusaders and Zionists and let all come to fight in the cause of Allah; whether Sunni, Shia or Christian.

And to those, Sunni, Shia or Christian who seek to create strife; your work serves the cause of the Crusaders and it is only Fitna which you produce. Let all Muslims be united by the Shahadah: "“La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadu Rasul Allah”, and let no Christian fear persecution, for all are united by the Message of Allah and by the Prophets (pbut) and by Arabism.

Let all who are righteous and do good deeds by the way of Allah and seek to protect Muslim and Arab lands stand united today against our single foe: The Crusader-Zionist alliance.

An Injury to One

Hussein Al-alak, The Iraq Solidarity Campaign
We are often told, that the British presence in Iraq is to help bring about “freedom” and “democracy” to assist the fundamentalist Iranian aligned “Iraqi Government“ bring about “stability“ but these brave words are spoken only by politicians whose only action witnessed inside of occupied Mesopotamia, is cowering like cowards behind the backs of soldiers.
Recently speaking to a Sergeant in the British army, he informed me that he was going to be sent back to Iraq, to continue action in a war which has already killed over one million Iraqi’s and hundreds of British soldiers, but like a growing trend among soldiers and their families, it is becoming increasingly hard to find many who actually wish to be there or any who know the reasons why they are still on Iraqi soil.
The Sergeant informed me that he had no wish to serve a third term in Iraq and wondered why the British Government continued to keep troops there, when it was blatantly obvious that the continuing presence was not wanted and the present Green Zone regime seemed to be incapable of bringing about any type of civil order to the country, as he said “all you have to do is look around” to see that “freedom and democracy” simply do not work inside of Iraq.
In a recent interview with one newspaper, Nouri Al-Maliki said that the British are “not necessary for maintaining security and control,” in Iraq but then claimed that "There might be a need for their experience in training and some technological issues,” which to many soldiers and their families is Maliki biting the hand that feeds him, but with the devastation which the occupation has brought to the people of Iraq, it is obvious that no one can have any confidence in the regime of Nouri Al-Maliki.
This perspective would not come as a shock for realists outside of Downing Street, who have been oblivious to the five million child orphans inside of Iraq and appear to have even gone so far as to pander to sectarian death squads, by allowing representatives such as one for Muqtada Al-Sadr to enter into Britain and even speak on public platforms at one Stop the War Coalition rally.
But then again, a growing anger is mounting, as many in Britain view the silence of the Brown Government and their desire to maintain a presence of British soldiers in Iraq, as also playing a role which is standing back while ethnic cleansing is taking place, such as that against the Christians, who have witnessed a never ending stream of violent attacks since the occupation began in 2003.
If the British media was to be believed, you wouldn’t even know that a child had been crucified, or that priests are being kidnapped, beheaded, along with women being forced into wearing the veil, raped and claims that businesses owned by Christians are being made the targets of extremists, in an attempt to force them to flee Iraq. Even US soldiers have noted their concern over the persecution of Christians in Iraq, that one serving soldier even wrote in response to my article “The War Against Christianity“, that “I know from experience that what he (Hussein al-alak) says about what's going on in Iraq is accurate.”
How can either the British or Iraqi regimes be treated with any credibility, when the talk of “progress” is constantly being discredited by facts, when Asia News reported recently that “a Christian of the Chaldean rite, was recently shot dead in front of his home in the neighbourhood of Nor, the same neighbourhood where Fr. Ragweed Gani and three deacons were killed in 2007, and where Archbishop Paulo Farj Rahho was kidnapped and killed” only this year.
The threats against the community and the inability of either the Iraqi government or occupation forces to protect them have become so dire, that the Christians of Iraq have been forced to establish their own “militia“, so “armed with heavy machine guns and assault rifles,” according to one member, who spoke to Islam Online in August , such a move "was the only way to protect our families and friends from attacks because we are tired of waiting on action from the “Iraqi” government which is preoccupied with politics and never look after us."
Reasons why the Iraqi Government have chosen to ignore the plight, which must be added never occurred under the government of Saddam Hussain, is because the British and American “trained” Police force have decided to turn a blind eye, as one senior Police Office even admitted, "Sometimes it is better to close your eyes towards some facts” but Iraqi’s are not closing their eyes and are uniting with Iraq’s Christians against this ethnic cleansing.
In a recent appeal, the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq stated that attacking Christians is “not approved by Islam and its tolerant teachings under which Muslims and other religions lived in tolerance, peace and security”, such as before the occupation began but also warned that such attacks were “inconsistent with the requirements of true national unity” and urged Iraq’s “Christian citizens to not weaken their moral and national position” in bringing about an end to these hostilities.
These sentiments were also echoed by a school teacher, who speaking to Islam Online earlier this year stated, "During the years we lived in peace in this land where I was born. All Muslims were happy to be part of our lives, share our thoughts and respect our decisions," which is the common experience for the majority of people from before 2003.
As a child, born and raised in what would now be called a “Shi’ite family”, like many Iraqi children, we never questioned the religion or ethnicity of our friends and family and it was considered to be discourteous to even ask and now, the Quisling Maliki and his occupation masters expect us to believe that Iraq is built along ethnic or sect lines, lines drawn up by himself and the US/UK and expect us to stand back while our neighbours are ethnically cleansed from our country. So hear this, “an injury to one, is an injury to us all!”

Source: Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq

Monday, November 3, 2008

End Game for Colonialism in Arabia

End Game for Colonialism in Arabia
by Malik Abu Bakr and Omar al-Hakim

As we steadily approach the end of 2008, we approach also the end of Colonialism and Imperialism in Arabia.

For the past 60 years, the main centre of Colonialism and Imperialism in Arabia was Palestine, occupied by Zionist settlers. By 1991, Iraq became the new target for Imperialism and Somalia was added as well. With the Invasion of Somalia by US-proxy state Ethiopia and the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US and its 'Coalition', some Western observers hoped and prayed that a new day had arrived, when Arabs would happily submit to Western-governance and Imperialism. This dream which started in the heads of the British and French Imperialists turned into a nightmare for them, as it now has for the United States.

The liberation of Kismayo and several battles in Mogadishu have indicated that the Young Mujahideen Movement and the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia will achieve total victory. Similarly, the salvos of the liberation of Baghdad already ring as Northern Baghdad swings towards the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation. The struggling of the Zionists and their sudden drive to hand over the West Bank is only indicative of their fears that a growing Arab population will soon take over their Zionist-state.

At this time, there is no need for compromise, victory is at-hand. Within 5 years, Somalia and Iraq will be entirely liberated, it is likely that the Zionists will still be struggling to convince their extremist-populace of the virtues of retreating from the West Bank and perhaps, the US economy will be in an even further state of collapse.

It is now time to begin the plans for the Post-Imperialist Arabia; where the dream of Arab Unity can become a reality. There is much in the attitudes of citizens and rulers which needs to change, and this change starts from the ground-up. The League of Arab States must change from a once-a-year meeting spot to the foundation of a single Arab State. As Arabia strengthens and moves closer to reunification, it is with little doubt that more nations will wish to join Arabia as well and this is the only possible destiny for Arabs, as the creators and vanguards of civilization.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Path to Victory in Iraq?

Path to Victory in Iraq?

Kosta Harlan

Is Bush on the path to victory in Iraq?

In a word: no. That’s simple enough. The whole world can see the occupation’s days are numbered. But it’s not enough to know the government’s cause is unjust or that the occupation is failing. We need to understand why.

The causes for the failure can be summed up simply:

1. To achieve "victory" the occupation needs a political process to rule over Iraq.

2. The Green Zone political process, the puppet government set up by the occupation authorities, is a failure.

3. Therefore, the war will end in defeat for the United States, and in victory for the people of Iraq.

I. Why the occupation needs a puppet government

The origins of the current U.S. aggression against Iraq reside in two landmark events. The first was the 1958 revolution that swept the British-supported monarchy from power and established Iraqi independence and political sovereignty. Fourteen years later, the Baath Party nationalized the country’s oil, which ended the domination of Big Oil in Iraq. That laid the foundation for Iraq’s economic sovereignty.

Sovereignty is intolerable for imperialism, because imperialism seeks domination, not freedom. Iraq had both political and economic independence. It had the means and the political will to chart an independent course. It therefore presented an obstacle to imperialism’s plans for dominating the political and economic life of the Middle East.

From this we can determine the principal goals of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. First, to uproot the anti-imperialist Iraqi government and replace it with a puppet regime that would be friendly towards a U.S. military, economic and political presence in Iraq; and second, to hand over control of Iraqi oil to U.S. oil corporations

With these two aims, U.S. imperialism hoped to gain geopolitical power over the Middle East, and by extension, over the world. And of course, they sought to make trillions of dollars in revenues from oil production and export in the process.

Now to do all this meant that the U.S. would have to come up with a way to rule over Iraq and its people. The U.S. cannot indefinitely maintain its military presence in Iraq. For one, it simply doesn’t have the numerical strength or political will to continue at its current level. More importantly, the occupation forces are hated by the broad masses of Iraqis, who quite rightly want them out now.

Therefore, the U.S. was tasked with coming up with an "Iraqi face" for a political process that would pursue the same goals of domination and control long after the withdrawal of combat forces. This is called neo-colonialism. As Harith Al-Dari of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq wrote, "The occupiers could get out from the door by the effect of jihad and resistance, but enter from the window by the effect of those whom are assigned to administrate the country".

II. The puppet government is a failure

At first the U.S. appointed "viceroy" Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority to govern Iraq directly. That was a colonialism of the old type, and Iraqis soundly rejected it. Four months later Bremer created a CPA-appointed "Iraqi Interim Governing Council", to give an Iraqi face to the occupation process. This too was rejected. Finally in 2005, the current Green Zone government was established. Has this government succeeded?

For it to be considered a success by the occupation, the puppet government has to be able to rule, and it has to serve the aims of U.S. imperialism outlined above. By these criteria the current Green Zone government has failed.

Of course the principle reason for its failure is the growth and development of a massive tide of armed resistance to the occupation. But an important secondary reason is the nature of the puppet government itself.

The Iraqi puppet government is composed of political parties and personalities who quite literally rode to power on the back of invading American tanks. Trained and groomed in exile, many of the prominent personalities lived abroad in places like London, Washington, or New York. Prior to 2003, many of them had not set foot in Iraq since the 1970’s or 80’s. Thus they lack any kind of popular base. Without the support of the U.S. military, their governing power would collapse.

Further, these parties are constantly at war with each other. On occasion, they are able to come together to adopt this or that resolution. But the general rule is that each party is out for its own, narrow (ethnic or religious) interests. It’s also worth pointing out that some of these parties – such as the Dawa and Supreme Islamic Council parties – were trained and rooted in Iran, and therefore brought another contradiction internal to the puppet government. For now the U.S. has to contend with another puppet master pulling on the strings.

The result of these internal weaknesses: the puppet government is barely able to extend its rule outside the perimeter of the Green Zone, a tiny, walled-off area in the heart of Baghdad.

It failed to unite the various collaborating parties over the fate of Kirkuk, a city of enormous importance due to its proximity to some of the largest oil fields in Iraq.

It failed to pass a hydrocarbon law that would spell out terms for distributing oil revenues. Without this law, there is no legal basis for inviting the oil giants back into Iraq to develop the fields.

It failed even to negotiate the continued presence of U.S. troops on Iraqi soil, the sole guarantor of its security. The main reason is that masses of Iraqis are adamantly opposed to a formal treaty that would so openly sign away Iraq’s sovereignty.

Finally, it is failing in the task of reconciling the Sahwa, or Awakening Councils, with its own security services. The Awakening Councils are about 100,000 strong, about 80% of the fighters are Sunni Arabs. The sectarian government in the Green Zone has vowed to exclude them from the security forces, because their inclusion would weaken the sectarian parties’ grip over the army and police.

These are a few of the problems that collaborating politicians wrestle over in the 4 square mile bunker known as the Green Zone. What about the day-to-day realities for the ordinary people of Iraq?

In the three years that the puppet government has ruled over Iraq, the social and economic conditions faced by Iraqis have been crushing. The infrastructure of Iraq remains a disaster. Electricity averages around 11 hours a day, and in some neighborhoods of Baghdad, 2 hours per day is the norm. Most Iraqis lack access to safe drinking water or proper sanitation facilities. Unemployment and under-employment is at 55-60%. 2,000 doctors have been killed since 2003. 20,000 have left the country. Hospitals are understaffed and lack critical supplies. Oil production, virtually the only productive sector in the Iraqi economy, still has not surpassed pre-war, sanctions-era levels of 2.5 million barrels per day. And if one subtracts oil production from the picture, then the economy is stagnant, with a growth of only 0.4% over the past year. Iraqi industry and agriculture is a shambles. Corruption runs rampant through the puppet government, which was ranked 178 out of 180 countries in level of corruption for 2007 by the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Finally the humanitarian impact is difficult to contemplate. The occupation has created an enormous population of refugees. At least 2.7 million Iraqis are internally displaced, while 2.4 million have fled the country. This is almost one in every five Iraqis. The same percentage also know someone directly who has been killed or wounded. Over 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed, with hundreds of thousands more maimed. Lest anyone think this is the result of sectarian violence and not U.S. aggression: back in 2006, when Iraqi deaths numbered about 655,000, a study that appeared in The Lancet demonstrated that U.S. military forces were directly responsible for at least 346,000 Iraqi deaths.

This is the daily reality that Iraqis face. Given this reality, it is hard to believe, as we are so often told by the media, that "the situation is improving" and that, therefore, Iraqis would welcome the continued presence of occupiers on their territory.

III. The war will end with the victory of the resistance

The Iraqi resistance remains the main obstacle to the U.S. consolidating its control over Iraq through a puppet government. Following a decline in activity over the summer, the past four months have seen a consistent average of about 40 resistance attacks each day against U.S. occupation forces and the puppet government. That translates to between 280 and 300 attacks per week, or between 1100 and 1200 per month. (Assuming that these numbers are not deflated to provide a better picture of 'security’ during the election season) On a political level, the resistance is increasingly unified, with dozens of resistance groups merging into a handful of large organizations, such as the Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation, the Patriotic, Nationaland Islamic Front for the Liberation of Iraq and the Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance.

If the occupiers are unable to solve the problems that appear before them, it is because at root, it is the occupation that creates the problems. A sovereign government cannot emerge while under the boot of 150,000 foreign combat troops and 200,000 foreign mercenaries. Genuine reconstruction efforts cannot take place while counter-insurgency operations constantly devastate Iraqi infrastructure. National unity and national reconciliation will never emerge from the framework of a sectarian political process that was designed to pit ethnic and religious groups against another. And so on.

We know that at each stage of the war, the U.S. occupation has responded to failure with intensified warfare. There is no reason to think otherwise of the current situation. In any case, it is certain that as long as the occupation exists, there will be resistance. We should not forget that Iraq has a long history of successfully resisting and defeating imperialism. Much of what is happening now has been attempted before, and like the efforts of past occupiers and aggressors, those efforts are destined to fail.

The Iraqis have nowhere else to go. It is only with the victory of the Iraqi people’s national resistance that the war will end. It is the unity of our resistance at home and the resistance in Iraq that will bring about the end of the occupation, and the starting point for building a world with peace, justice and equality. Now is the time to intensify our antiwar organizing and to raise the just demands of support for the Iraqi liberation movement and to end the occupation now.

A presentation at REFAL Community Center, Newark NJ USA on October 18, 2008 by Kosta Harlan, a member of Students for a Democratic Society in Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA

Source: al-Moharer